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Shocking Police Helicopter Video Of 9/11 Twin Tower Disaster Released To The Public!!!(VIDEO) » Falling man from 9/11 terror attack

Falling man from 9/11 terror attack

Falling man from 9/11 terror attack

Falling man from 9/11 terror attack

8 Responses to “Falling man from 9/11 terror attack”

  1. Theres was no choice for him… so brave who ever you was….

  2. poor man. I feel so bad for what happened. I just wish there was a way it could have been prevented.

  3. Well it was either that or burn to death kudos to you

  4. he didnt have none esle to do it was either jump or bruned so he took his chance and did what he had to do and i pray to gd that he did it for a good reason god loves every one no matter what because he knew god was lookn over him

  5. he would hve died eighther way and falling from the building intentionally is commiting suicide even if every body else was gonna die to but they didnt kill themselves to save them selves even though it would have been less painful than getting crumbled under a building or burned to death

  6. I just think that this is sad both ways because if Osama Bin Laiden hadn’t planned the attack in the first place the families of their loved ones n’t be grieving every year on September 11th the event was sad and should not have happened! ;(

  7. OMG that is so sad it made me cry

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