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The Laughing Baby,10 Month-Year Old Baby Micah McArthur, Goes Viral On The Web…Thanks To Alyssa Milano (Video)

10 month year old baby Micah McArthur, dubbed the “laughing baby,” has become a YouTube sensation, garnering 8,326,363 views in the 4 weeks since the official clip was uploaded to the site by Marcus McArthur,33.(People)

10-month old Micah Mcarthur laughs hysterically...

10-month old Micah McArthur laughs hysterically...

Like many American’s seeking work, Marcus, who is completing his doctorate degree at Saint Louis University, has had to deal with a lot of rejection letters during his search, due to a tight job market.

Beoming somewhat frustrated by another rejection,Marcus, with the baby sitting nearby, ripped up the latest rejection letter…much to the delight of little baby Micah.

Baby Micah began to laugh uncontrollably, once the paper was ripped, uplifting the spirit’s of his dad.

Marcus ripped the paper again and Micah’s laughter turned to uncontrollable hysterics!!!

…this delighted his dad so much, that he grabbed a stack of bills,old rejection letters, credit card statements,etc…and let the ripping begin!

McArthur told KDSK-TV, St. Louis, “Around the 22-second mark he does an extremely hearty laugh where you wonder if he’s stopped breathing…(Source)

The cute uplifting video was re-tweeted by popular actress Alyssa Milano, and the video went viral from there, supplying much-needed laugh from the captured cuteness that little Micah is bringing to the world.(Source)

Sexy actress Alyssa Milano popularized the laughing baby...

Sexy actress Alyssa Milano popularized the laughing baby...

By the way, his father Marcus McArthur is seeking a position as a professor at a college or university, and by the looks of the reception for this video, I think he will be able to get the attention he deserves, thanks to little Micah, and any potential employer would be wise to hire him.(Source)

…think about the P.R. benefit that any educational institution could gain by being known as the employer of the father of the ‘Laughing Baby’!!!

On Friday,  baby Micah and his parent’s made an appearance on the ‘Today” morning show on NBC, and the goal was to get him to laugh at host Matt Lauer and Meredith Viera ripping paper just like in the video his father popularized on the internet.(MSNBC)

Frustration over a rejection letter...

Frustration over a rejection letter...

Unfortunately for the morning hosts, they just couldn’t replicate the baby’s joy a second time around…(Source)

Laughing Baby on the Today Show...

Laughing Baby on the Today Show...

I think baby Micah was aware of his father’s frustration concerning his job search, and just wanted to bring up his spirits, the best way he knew how, and that was by laughing at something that was upsetting his father, transforming what could have been a bad time for his dad, …by turning it into a moment that the whole world is laughing at…(Source)

…life is hard, but once you put on a happy face, most bad situations have a bit of humor in them, and leave it to a newborn baby to be able to figure that out.

Baby Micah laughing

Baby Micah laughing

..thanks baby Micah!!!

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