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The Rodney King Beat Down-20 Years Later…Did We All Just Get Along? » Reginald Denny suffered life long injuries from LA KKKop inspired riots in 1992…

Reginald Denny suffered life long injuries from LA KKKop inspired riots in 1992...

Reginald Denny suffered life long injuries from LA KKKop inspired riots in 1992…

Reginald Denny suffered life long injuries from LA KKKop inspired riots in 1992…

26 Responses to “Reginald Denny suffered life long injuries from LA KKKop inspired riots in 1992…”

  1. Reginald Oliver Denny is born on January 22, 1956 in Lansing, Michigan.
    Shelley Roseanne Montez (Reginald Oliver Denny’s ex-wife and now married to Christopher Coppel in London, England) was born on August 12, 1962 in Los Angeles County in California.
    Ashley Rose Denny (Reginald Oliver Denny’s daughter) was born on June 14, 1992 in Stanislaus County in California
    Reginald Oliver Denny and Shelley Roseanne Montez got married in Clark County, Nevada on February 14, 1982. Unfortunately, they got divorced four years later, and Reginald Denny is now living in Lake Havasu City, Arizona.

    • The world loves you Reginald Denny. I am so sorry for what you went through and I imagine still go through. I hope you are OK. My heart still goes out to you. Vivian

  2. I will never forget that day. It was a horrific sceen to watch on National tv, yet alone this poor innocent truck driver get beat up. Thank God he lived.. God bless him and the families that lost loved ones that day.

  3. I found out that Reginald Oliver Denny’s parents are Reginald Ernest and Sandra Rae (Flint) Denny. Unfortunately, Reginald Ernest Denny is no longer living, while Sandra Rae Denny got remarried to Nelson Carl Mundy. Unfortunately, Nelson Carl Mundy is no longer living.

  4. I remember those riots, they were hurrendous, they were even fighting in this part of the country on the east coast as well, the blacks vs. the whites, I remember George H.W.Bush was President then with Dan Quayle as Vice President then,…..What a Time!

  5. I was in LA that day as a young white man. Awful for what he went thru as well as Mr. King (I’m on both of their sides). We spent that day locked away in Hollywood in a home hiding under a pool table as they were raiding a shopping mall 2 blocks away.

    • You’re on Rodney King’s side??? So you think it’s ok to flee from cops while high on PCP, and then once they have you in custody, to keep resisting? He got what he deserved, regardless of race. Any criminal that runs from police should expect to have the (expletive) beaten out of them. The riots were just an excuse for the thugs to loot and assault; it had nothing to do with the trial past that.han .

      • If Rodney King got what he deserved, then maybe some feel the same way about Reginald Denny.If you believe any human deserves to be beaten for any reason, then the Denny beating was and is an inevitability.I do not believe any man deserves to be beaten,unless it’s okay to beat them all for any reason we so choose.

      • This is for the guy who said “If Rodney King got what he deserved, then maybe some feel that way about Reginald Denny.”…You, sir are my hero!!! King was not guilty of any thing that day other than driving while black, and he was brutalized by these KKKiller KKKops, whereas Denny was only guilty of doing his job and being in the wrong place driving while white in a racially based riot caused by the LAPD. The two compare perfectly to each other in every way possible.

      • No you are an ass for congratulating those rogue KKKops for breaking the law and criminally beating a citizen, which cost the city several million of my tax dollars for their criminality.I don’t care if you hate all black people or whatever your gripe is, I support the law, and the cops were proven to be criminally liable for the injuries inflicted on Rodney KIng because of their very unprofessional behavior.
        Your ’emotions’ are over riding your brain, because you seem to not realize that when you co-sign a criminal assault on a citizen by the KKKops sets the stage for criminal assaults by citizens on citizens, as we all witnessed in the beating of Reginald Denny.The assaults on Rodney King and Reginald Denny were proven to be a criminal attack.
        You can’t have your cake and eat it too, this is not the Jim Crow era south anymore…but whatever, i know you will not get it, you are blinded by your hatred, so I have no doubt it will all happen again.
        Thanks for commenting.

      • King had no PCP in his system. Do your research. Regardless whether he was high/drunk or not, that’s what cuffs/court is for. So he can serve out his sentence, not so that pissed off, power hungry cops can abuse their authority over citizens. God forbid you ever break the law, and a cop decides to beat the ever-loving shit out of you just because he can and has a badge to back it up.

      • I saw the shit firthand motherfucker, i was the one who videotaped it, no one deserved that. Oh by the way, I went to FLETC in brunswick, ga and became a FEDERAL agent after this because of this bullshit. Im now the Director in charge of civil rights investigations for the USOIG. SES-7.

  6. shame on the cops for beating Rodney King so badly. shame on the rioters for beating Reginald Denny so badly. shame on the rioters for killing 55+ people in retaliation for the cop assault on King. kudos to the people who defended their businesses and lives with firearms. while one can understand the anger, the rioting, beatings, burnings, theft, etc were nothing less than criminal acts

  7. Freakin animals that did that to Rodney King. Savages making excuses for their savagery,hiding under the cover of the law.

    • Yes Doc,I agree with you 100%!!!… the animalistic monkey savage KKKops should not have viciously and inhumanly beaten Rodney King like that,..and the young men that brutalized Mr. Denny here were as wrong as the KKKops were. Violence begets violence, and none of it is good.No human should have to go through that at the hands of another.

  8. omg i just seen the video of the beating and i broke down in tears im am a young black women that has no kind of hatred towards any non black race i never condone violence and those people were acting like the LAPD beating Rodney King and i hope that the ones who did this to him in the LAPD burn in hell!!! my heart is so heavy to just know what Mr. King went through i cant even look at the video racist beating of a black man again!! it hurts me but thank god that he did make it through it is bad what happened to reginald denny but rodney king did not deserve to suffer for the racist hatred of the cops, that is just not right i dont even know you mr. king, but you have a special place in my heart and im just happy that you made it out alive and that half those bastard racist kkkopps are now suffering for the rest of their life, as they should.

    • As neither did Denny deserve to be beaten at the racist hands of a bunch of looting (oppressed citizens) that only used the King trial as scapegoat to do what they had to do,just as those Piece Of Shit Ass cops got away with murder. There is no right in the whole situation. The cops were wrong for their actions just as the (oppressed citizens) that beat Denny were wrong in theirs. The whole beating and riot were senseless acts from a bunch of waste of human skin! Black, white, brown….it should never matter what your race is, we all have a brain so use it!

  9. Reginald Oliver Denny is the Greta Garbo of the Los Angeles riots.

  10. the rodney king and reginald denny beatings were both wrong, violence only initiates more violence. What happened to the police doing their job peacefully, there was no struggle when rodney king surrendered so what was the cause for him getting beat…even if they did chase him. Sorry that reginald had to be in the mix of the violence that was started by dirty cops. if anyone is angry about the situation they should turn to the main source.

  11. Rodny was a coked-up junky that night. The police were doing their job in trying to keep the streets safe and cleaning up the garbage…I am a proud African American man, and I remember my family here on the east coast were embarrassed by th savagery and we became very angry watching the attacking, looting and opportunistic pillaging n Cali….I remember my Father said it looked like the Planet of the Apes movie for real!!..That made us laugh, but we were still mad yo!!…I think that event alone set us back and caused more unnecessary hate than it was worth..

    • …but it made the city of LA oh such much of a better place to live, so you have to crack some shells to scramble some eggs.
      And I am a proud African American man as well, and the cops have no right to brutalize any man of any race like that,so we will have to agree to disagree on that cuz, and I can guarantee you, if the LAPD does it again, we will react in an even worstway, and do a lot more damage, so if I were you, I would stay back are much safer there if you are that ‘afraid of a fight’ type of a black man…this is the wild ,wild west..SON!LoL…

    • Maurice, youre either a racist ass white man posing as a black man or a seriously deraged house nigger. lmao. p.s. YOUR FATHER is an ape.

  12. Rodney King found dead in swimming pool by his fiancé this morning.

  13. I just watched the LA riots video and It seemed like It was just yesterday when it happened. It was a sad and scary time in LA. I will never forget watching Reginald Denny getting beat up. It was horrifying and brought tears to my eyes. I thank the four people that saved his life.

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