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The Wonderful World Of Politics Presents-‘W’ (Animated Video)

In 2007, during the final days of the administration of former President Bush,my company, Brice Productions was commissioned to produce and animate a satirical look back at the reign of the former president, lovingly nicknamed by all,”W”.

Animator Jerry Brice served as the producer/director, as well as the main art director and animation director.Jerry Brice did several of the main backgrounds,and supervised the two other background artist that worked on the project.

Julian Chaney did the storyboards for most of the film,the opening sequence was storyboarded by my student Kalum Truett,and illustrator Aaron White served as the character designer.

The majority of the animators,except for one, were all trained by Jerry Brice, or studied under him in the finer points of animation.(Source)

The entire production was done in Adobe Flash, and I chose a hand drawn traditional animation approach, coupled with flash cut-out symbol animation, and a healthy dose of digital manipulation.

Musician Krandal Krews ( ) recorded and produced all of the voice over for the film, and the vocal performances were done by James Adomian, and Susan Deming.

James Adomian went on to perform President Bush in the 2008 live action feature film smash hit “Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay”.He was also a top-ten finalist on NBC’s Last Comic Standing in the summer of 2010…I am very proud of him!!!

You can follow James at:…and the incredibly talented Susan Deming at: performed all the female parts( ) and she is a seriously funny person!…check her out!

It should be noted that at the time this was written, most people had predicted that Hillary Clinton was going to be the Democratic parties candidate to run for the presidency,before Barack Obama rose to prominence…

Now that time has passed, and we are in the middle of a new administration, I thought it might be a good time to look back at ups and downs of our former leader.

One Response to “The Wonderful World Of Politics Presents-‘W’ (Animated Video)”

  1. Awesome! George W. was a bottomless well of unintentional comedy.

    I’m jealous Kalum got to work with you on this!

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