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Blake Griffin Wins 2011 Slam Dunk Contest!!!!….Or Did He?

Rookie sensation and Los Angeles Clipper marque phenomenon Blake Griffin won the 2011 Sprite NBA Slam Dunk contest , as many had predicted, at the NBA All Star Weekend celebration last night at the Staples Center in Downtown L.A.(Source)

Blake Griffin won the contest by staging the most “memorable” dunk over a KIA sports car ,while a gospel choir sang an R. Kelly tune, “I Believe I Can Fly” in the background , live, from an assist by Baron Davis standing inside the car, out of the sunroof.(VIDEO)

2011 Sprite  Slam Dunk Contest winning dunk By Blake Griffin over KIA sports car

2011 Sprite Slam Dunk Contest winning dunk By Blake Griffin over KIA sports car

…it was very theatrical!!!…and the entire audience was standing on their feet!

JaVale McGee

JaVale McGee

He was given some stiff competition from WashingtonWizard 7 footer JaVale McGee , who will go down in history as the first to ever dunk off two rims and with three basketballs.

Many believe Ja Vale should have been crowned this years champ, but the dunk over the car was hard for him to overcome.

Pam Mcgee-Sparks Wnba

Pam Mcgee-Sparks Wnba

Ja Valle is the son of former WNBA and Olympic star Pam McGee , who came down the aisle wearing her Los Angeles Sparks warmup, surrounded by men dressed as Secret Service officers, carrying a box that held a red, white and blue basketball.(Wiki)

It was a very dramatic, and heartwarming moment!

Serge Ibaka

Serge Ibaka

Arguably,the best dunk of the night ,was not done by either one of the finalist, but it belonged to the Oklahoma Thunder’s Serge Ibaka, who took off from BEHIND THE FREE-THROW LINE and slammed one down with force!!!(Source)

…Some are saying that Serge’s dunk is the best of all time!!!

What do you  think?…

2 Responses to “Blake Griffin Wins 2011 Slam Dunk Contest!!!!….Or Did He?”

  1. I have to agree Jerry; I thought the Ibaka dunk was the winner! We must have seen the free throw line dunk 200 times, and everybody (including players who won with this dunk) is at least a step inside the line. I work for DISH Network, and the Friday before the game had an HD DVR installed, (picture quality is amazing by the way) and I rewound that dunk 20 times, and this kid was behind the line. I expected an LA heavy All-Star weekend, but if bringing out a choir, and jumping 3 feet in the air over a car is what is going to win dunk contests, count me out.

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