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Banned In 11 Countries,And Possibly Plagiarized Imagery…Rihanna’s S&M Video (Link)

Rihanna’s new “S&M” video recently premiered, and was immediately been banned in 11 countriess,because of its depiction of the 22-year-old pop star dressed in latex and whipping a man, all sorts of kinky scenarios and a wild assortment of various hyper-sexual fetish, dominatrix and bondage imagery.(Source)

…the lyrics are sexually explicit as well.(Lyrics)

You tube has placed a restriction on the video, making it difficult for any one under 18 to view it….so you know it’s got to be good!(Source)

Popular entertainment blogger Perez Hilton makes a cameo in the video, and it is quite funny, and humorous.(PerzHilton)

Rihanna walking Perez Hilton in a scene from the video

Rihanna walking Perez Hilton in a scene from the video

(Watch the uncensored video here or HERE)

Groundbreaking gay photographer David LaChapelle has accused Rihanna of plagiarizing his work in her new S&M video,alleging that scenes for the video are in fact rip off’s of some of his most iconic images,prompting him to tweet this message…

Dave LaChappelle

Dave LaChappelle

…..“The next time you make a David LaChapelle music video you should probably hire David LaChapelle.”(Source)

An image by Dave LaChappelle...see the influence he had on Rihanna's S&M video?

An image by Dave LaChappelle...see the influence he had on Rihanna's S&M video?

Check out David LaChapelle’s work by looking at his official website (LaChapelle Studios)…and make your own judgement. I hope the two can get it together and work directly with each other soon!!!

From what I see, he has a case for Rihanna’s latest image as being, at the least “inspired by” and strongly influenced by his original, and unique style.(Source)

I think banning the video for the reasons reported to the press will only make this one of the most popular videos out.(Source)

I like good music,and I am a fan of Rihanna,…but mainly I like the way she looks, and in the case of this video, I can only see her giving the people what they want.(Rihanna Photo Compilation)

…more Rihanna!

I am entertained, and the more I can see of and from Rihanna, the better.I think she told us all that she was a …Good Girl, Gone Bad!!!(Video)

4 Responses to “Banned In 11 Countries,And Possibly Plagiarized Imagery…Rihanna’s S&M Video (Link)”

  1. Even though the world has grown some we are not ready for such bad taste in photo shots and the kids don’t need to see this. I guess this lady doesn’t have enough respect for herself to show such shots, I would be ashamed of her. I wonder what her folks think?This is what I call trash and it was done in poor taste, she’s a pretty lady she didn’t need to turn her photo in to trash. For thats what they are.

  2. Oh I know we have trashy ladies out there but we don’t need it rubbed into our kids minds or rubbed into our faces of what one can do with money by wasting it in such a manner.She might try Hustler or some of the other bad mag’s to get her new self out to the world..

  3. Spankings not beatings!!! Mr. Brown repeats to himself. While drumming on his own head.

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