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Jerrybrice’s Blog Animated Promo Spot Now Up!!!…Check It Out! (Video)

This is a promotional spot for Jerrybrice’s Blog that I created.

The blog is billed as the intersection between Animation, Culture, and Politics, …and sometimes we throw in a little sex and violence if we can get away with it!

Check back daily, to read an animated point of view on the latest breaking news, and topics that are of interest in today’s world.

I will be producing more original animation this year to include with some of the stories presented on the blog, and if you are interested,contact me here if you want to commission me to do some for you!…the more toons the better!!!

…You might come across better as a cartoon,…I know I do!

(Animation by Jerry Brice-Brice Productions 2011- produced digitally in Toon Boom Studio)

4 Responses to “Jerrybrice’s Blog Animated Promo Spot Now Up!!!…Check It Out! (Video)”

  1. Cool idea. Wish I had the know-how to steal it.

    • LOL!…you don’t have to steal it!Just copy and paste the link…

    • Hey man, that would be cool!I was hoping to see if more bloggers like the idea of a interstitial promo spot for their blogs.
      Why not?We all could use any new idea to help publicize the work we do here.
      I want to eventually start making them, and things like that, for other blogs,if I can keep the price low, so they will try it.
      I will let you know…it was not that difficult, and I did it quickly.
      Thanks for checking that out!

  2. Ha! I meant making one for myself. 🙂

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