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100 Captive Sled Dogs Slaughtered!!!Throats Slashed By Disturbed Worker On Orders From His Employer?!?WTF???

In a stunning act of betrayal, mass animal cruelty and inhumane treatment, it has been revealed by the authorities that over 100 perfectly healthy Siberian Husky sled dogs were slaughtered at the hands of the owners that had raised them,and had developed trust with them.(Video)

This massacre of 100 healthy has shocked the public, tremendously!(Source)

An employee of Canada’s Outdoor Adventures company admitted to slaughtering 100 sled dogs, according to a workers compensation report he later filed.

The report also states that some of the dogs were still alive when thrown into the grave, and some may have survived their initial assault.In most cases dogs were shot more than once, or had their throats slashed before they were dumped into what is described in the documents as a mass grave.

The report also gives some very gruesome accounts of some dogs that were resilient, and were attempting to run away, and climb out of the grave, after they were left for dead, and mortally wounded.(Source)

He claimed he wanted to “stop the nightmare” after firing multiple gun shots at the dogs’ faces and throats, inflicting mortal wounds as they fled for safety.(Source)

The employee claimed he was suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder after carrying out companies gruesome orders to kill the dogs, the report said.

At the time of the slaughter, he was employed by the tour company as a general manager of the Howling Dogs dog sled tour company,located in Whistler, British Columbia.

…The employee was awarded compensation in a ruling by WorkSafe BC, the provincial body that manages workers’ compensation claims. Outdoor Adventures did not contest the man’s compensation claims.
The WorkSafe documents are confidential, but Moriarty read them as part of the society’s investigation…(NPR)

At the time of the wholesale slaughter of the defenseless dogs, Howling Dog Tours ,who actually ordered the mass killings, was an independent contractor providing dog sledding services for Outdoor Adventures.(Source)

Graham Aldcroft of Outdoor Adventures says it wasn’t his company’s decision to kill the dogs, adding he believes Howling Dog tried to find the huskies new homes, but was unsuccessful.

Aldcroft went on to say, “there was an expectation that if euthanizing was required, it would be done so in an appropriate, humane and legal manner.”(Source)

The dogs were shot dead and their throats were slashed over two days last April after a drop in business following the 2010 Winter Olympics that were held in Vancouver.

The owners at Howling Dog Tours had expected a post-Olympics upswing in their business,which was booming predictably, during the games, but unfortunately the opposite happened, causing a financial strain on their operating budget of their company,leading to the motivation and ultimately the decision to kill the doomed animals.

A vet was asked to euthanize the animals but he refused to do a mass euthanasia of healthy dogs.

Marcie Moriarty, general manager of cruelty investigations for the BC SPCA, says she was sickened by the details of the slaughter documented in the WorkSafeBC report. “The sheer terror and agony these dogs must have suffered is horrifying.

Marcie Moriarty, head of the BC SPCA cruelty investigations division

Marcie Moriarty, head of the BC SPCA cruelty investigations division

This is the most disturbing case I have seen in my six years in cruelty investigations.”(BC SPCA)

A Canadian politician has proposed doubling the maximum fine under B.C.’s Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act from $5,000 to $10,000, and called on the federal government to heighten the penalties for animal abuse in the Criminal Code.

SPCA officials arrived at the mass grave near Whistler on Tuesday and are determined to keep the location confidential for now.(Source)

6 Responses to “100 Captive Sled Dogs Slaughtered!!!Throats Slashed By Disturbed Worker On Orders From His Employer?!?WTF???”

  1. It’s a shame ……… the spca need to take the licence to this guy and don’t allowed him to have another business with animals

  2. only 10,000 for all of those poor dogs lives

    this is just as bad as Michael Vick and the crazy guy and company should all be in jail….

    • Currently the fine is only $5000. for the crime under the law, and the politician has proposed that fine to be doubled to $10,000. in the future,…which as you stated, is not enough punishment for this level of crime.

  3. All those lives had to be put down for what reason I ask the owner, he didn’t try hard enough to find homes for them he was just after the money he was losing. I feel he should get the same as he gave the dogs, shot!He didn’t ask me if I wanted one and I would have taken 3 and help try to find homes for the other’s, he should have asked everyone did some posting but to just hire someone to do the dirty work is wrong to his hands are dirty already. God will get him later and you can bet he won’t get past the gates to heaven either.NO wonder the guy that had to do this awful thing has issues, these dogs trusted their owner and the hands that fed them handled them and then man kind turned on them bad business..He should not ever be allowed to have another sled dog team anywhere, and I mean anywhere, not the states or Canada, he should not be allowed to have a dog or any animal as a pet and he should do time for the crime he and his hired help committed. $10,000 dollar fine is nothing it should be 70,000 then thats something plus 5 to 10 yrs in prison, if I was the Judge I would just hang them and be done with it. For no one deserves to live when they take a life of so many..Kinda like the slaughter plants in Canada they kill horses and they die a slow death, the horses are healthy to, mares and babies end up on someone elses’ dinner plate over seas’ someday I will find away to stop that route.If any one of you have never been to a slaughter plant go sometime its awful the horses are still alive when they bleed them out by hanging them upside down, so if ya own one and don’t have the money to contuine to keep it have your vet put it down or try to find a home first, give it away to someone that has the space, and the time and the money to feed it, but don’t end its death in such a harsh way..

  4. I would love to talk to the owner about his dogs and why he didn’t post them on line for all to see, if they could find homes, those kinds of dogs that have been trained to pull sleds are worth a bunch to other sled teams. He should have asked me and others out there they would have taken them so they wouldn’t have die like that what a shame..

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