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Heidi The Cross-Eyed Opossum An Internet Hit With More Than 65000 Fans On Facebook!!!(Video)

Remember Knut the incredibly cute polar bear?

Cross-eyed opossum Heidi

Cross-eyed opossum Heidi

Meet germany’s latest superstar zoo animal Heidi, the 2 1/2 year-old cross-eyed opossum, that is capturing the hearts and minds of fans all over the country….and now, because of her success on-line, the rest of the world.(Source)

To the Heidi the cross-eyed opossum song YouTube video has attracted over 91,000 views on the popular site, and she has 139,401 fans on her Facebook page dedicated to her!(Heidi’s FB Page)

Heidi snuggling

Heidi snuggling

The unique looking opossum has garnered enough attention that a toy manufacturer is planning to market a line of plush Heidi dolls,which will be available in two sizes and in two weeks. One will be a 50-centimeter life-size toy.

The owner of the business producing the stuffed toys said part of the proceeds will benefit Heidi,”It really is surprising how famous and loved she is — I guess it has to do with being cross-eyed,” said Dr. Helmut Schache, of the toy manufacturer Kösen.(Source)

This makes Heidi the cross-eyed opossum, Germany’s biggest star, and she has not even made her debut at the Leipzig Zoo.(Source)

Vets at the Zoo are blaming Heidi’s cross-eyed’s and resulting poor vision on malnutrition and poor eating habits when she was younger,but, with this amount of fans internationally, and growing merchandising industry because of her, she will be eating well and receiving the best care that money can possibly buy!(BBC)

Good for you Heidi!!!…we love you!

4 Responses to “Heidi The Cross-Eyed Opossum An Internet Hit With More Than 65000 Fans On Facebook!!!(Video)”

  1. Haven’t we learned anything? Cute animals are the most popular thing on the internet!

  2. Yeah….because the merchandising boom that the humans are raking in and profiting off Will CERTAINLY be used to enrich her life….caged up in a glass room or wire enclosure and hawked and screeched at relentlessly all damn day….she deserves a home if she is a tame and dependent possum or a real habitat unmolested by horrid people.Zoos are just prison to so many poor animals.Remember the murder and butchering of the giraffe earlier this year in the Denmark zoo?Nothing wrong with the giraffe..healthy.young. MURDERED in front of a zoo full of people and butchered on the spot. Zoos force animals to ride humans around on them-elephants,for instance. They very few have the space and the interesting environments NECESSARY for a real life,and not one of misery,oppression,boredom,frustration,and sadness,and ANGER. Most zoos are passive circuses in disguise. Some do endangered animal breeding,but most just trade animals and build their collections. Animals are not here for COLLECTION. For your ENTERTAINMENT. Do rescue work without exhibiting healthy miserable animals who should be FREE and WILD!!!!

  3. She’s fricking adorable and I love her. I hope she can live happily . Cross eyed animals are TOO CUTE!!!!I was looking at cross eyed cats when Heidi came up-precious!

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