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Phil Lynott Of Thin Lizzy Died 25 Years Ago Today!!!…He Was A Black Man Who Was Born To Rock!!!

It’s been 25 years ago today since rock fans woke to the sad news of the passing of one of the baddest black men to rock the bass on the international stage,Thin Lizzy frontman Phil Lynott,(August 20,1949-January 4,1986) robbing the world of one of the most charismatic, and talented performers ever to grace the stage.(WIKI)

Many of his fans, of all races,are not aware that Phil Lynott was a black man,much like Slash, so unfortunately,this important celebration and marking of time memorializing a black musical pioneer ,will not be acknowledged by his own race of people.(Slash on HBO’s The Blacklist)

Slash and fellow black musical talent Michael Jackson...

Slash and fellow black musical talent Michael Jackson...

That’s a shame,because I look at Phil Lynott as a role model of sorts for all black musicians and fans that happen to like rock music, which many in the culture now consider to be white music,if anything like that actually exist…and that is shortsighted, and diminishes the accomplishments attained in the music business by Phil Lynott.(Phil Lynott demo-Ode To A Black Man).

That is a shame, and it is about time that is changed, and some fans have set-up a Facebook page entitled...Did you know that Phil Lynott was black?!

…Lynott was born in Hallam Hospital in West Bromwich (then in Staffordshire), England, the son of a black South American father, named Parris, and an Irish Catholic mother, Philomena (aka Phyllis) Lynott, whose surname he took. His father, nicknamed “The Duke” left his mother just three weeks after he was born and returned to his native Brazil. Philip was brought up in Crumlin, Dublin by his grandmother, Sarah. His parents reportedly kept in touch for a number of years after his birth.(Source)

Many of his fans around the world celebrated the man and his music that he left us today,as his legend and popularity has only increased in time.(Website)

This evening in Dublin,his former surviving band mates from Thin Lizzy will gather on stage to perform once again,in memory of Phil Lynott.(Source)

Phil Lynott  left us with many hits, and I hope he is rocking away somewhere in heaven.(source)

The boys are back in town!!!…Rest In peace Phil Lynott, you will never be forgotten!!!(Source)


Independent.IE-The Death Of Phil Lynott

4 Responses to “Phil Lynott Of Thin Lizzy Died 25 Years Ago Today!!!…He Was A Black Man Who Was Born To Rock!!!”

  1. Oh, why couldn’t it have been Lenny Kravitz instead?!?!??!

  2. […] Both are gone too soon, but hopefully now, they can jam together forever…just in another place, not on this earth.Their musical legacy is extensive, and we are all blessed to have had them rock our worlds during the short period of time they were here with us!(Source) […]

  3. I love Thin Lizzy. I still listen to them

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