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Rebel The Dog Gets His Head Stuck In A Hole In The Wall…Victim Of An ‘Attractive Nuisance’ Of A Hole!!!

Eight-month-old German Shepherd Rebel the dog was recently the victim of an attractive nuisance in the form of a hole in the wall surrounding his yard of his owners home in Desert Hot Springs,California.(HuffPo)

Rebel the dog gets stuck in a wall...

Rebel the dog gets stuck in a wall...

He got into the sticky predicament on Monday, when his curiosity of the 18-inch hole led to him sticking his head through it, but he was unable to pull it out. A friend of the owner, who was out at the time, heard Rebel whimpering that he found the pup was in a bit of a tight spot and called the authorities. (Source)

The woman called Riverside County Animal Services, who responded immediately.(Fox)

The officers believe that Rebel may have been chasing another animal or was just curious about the hole, said Sgt. James Huffman of Riverside County Animal Services.

The hole is what, in legal circles, is known as an ‘Attractive Nuisance‘, which is a… hazardous object or condition on the land that is likely to attract children who are unable to appreciate the risk posed by the object or condition…(WIKI)

The law as it stands,applies only to human children so far,…but many citizens across the nation have a relationship with their pet dogs that is on par with those that have children, and many have deeper relationships with their pet animals than they have with their actual children.

Rebel is stuck...

Rebel is stuck...

In most cases, the attractive nuisance is considered to be the pet,so the law is usually used against domesticated animals, but does not protect them, even if they are proven to be a victim of an attractive nuisance, as in this case of Rebel the dog.

After assessing the predicament that Rebel the dog was in, the officers decided that he was not in any immediate danger, and proceeded to free Rebel’s head from the hole.(Source)

Deptment of Animal Services-Riverside County

Department of Animal Services-Riverside County

The officers tucked in the dog’s ears and nudged him back and forth for about 30 minutes before getting him out safely.they report that Rebel assisted in his own rescue, by cooperating with the officers, and remaining calm.

The dog made it clear to officers when he was uncomfortable and would stiffen his hind legs to assist as they pulled him out, he said.(LA Times)

Riverside County Animal Services Sgt. James Huffman said in a statement that it was suggested to the property owners that they cover the hole with some chicken wire, so Rebel will not get his head stuck again.

Free At Last...thanks to the heroic Animal Rescue officers pictured here with Rebel

Free At Last...thanks to the heroic Animal Rescue officers pictured here with Rebel

Rebel was released into the custody of his owners, and he is doing just fine!!!

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