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Motown Soul And Funk Legend Teena Marie,54, Has Passed Away Today In Her Sleep…R.I.P.

Like a thief in the night, death has silenced the voice of one of the music industries most accomplished, and much-loved funk, soul, and R&B singers, the incomparable Teena Marie, at the young age of 54.(TMZ)

Teena Marie..may she rest in peace...

Teena Marie..may she rest in peace...

It is being reported that Lady T, as she was affectionately known  by generations of her fans, was found deceased Sunday in her bed at her home in Pasadena. Marie was found dead by her daughter,Alia Rose, after apparently dying in her sleep, manager Mike Gardner said.(CNN)

Alia Rose was born 19 years ago on Christmas day, and had just celebrated her birthday.Her mom tweeted the very sweet message,“19 yrs ago today, I was in labor! My heavenly father gave me the most glorious gift I could ever receive. A Baby girl on on Christmas!”(Source)

Alia Rose,19...discovered her mom's body, a day after her birthday.

Alia Rose,19...discovered her mom's body, a day after her birthday.

Her family reports that Teena was in good spirits on Christmas day, and that she seemed to be doing fine, but have stated that Teena did suffer a grand mal seizure — a neurological event, marked by loss of consciousness and violent muscle contractions,about a month ago, but never discovered what caused the attack.(Mayo Clinic)

Friends are reporting that Tina Marie had a history of seizures, but the cause of her death is unknown at this time.(Source)

Teena Marie made history as Motown’s first white act but developed a lasting legacy with her silky soul pipes and with hits like “Lovergirl,” “Square Biz,” and “Fire and Desire” with mentor Rick James,who passed away in 2004, at the age of 56.(LA Times)

Rick James and Teena Marie...

Rick James and Teena Marie...

Prior to his death, Teena and Rick James appeared together on the B.E.T.awards to perform “Fire and Desire” their classic duet they made together, which proved to be their last performance for a national audience.

…tonight they are performing their hits together, just in another place, not of this earth…

Teena Marie was born Mary Christine Brockert March 5, 1956 in Santa Monica, California and  signed with Motown Records in 1976.(ABC)

She was a four-time Grammy nominee, and her duet with James on I’m A Sucker For Your Love, reached No. 8 on Billboard’s Black Singles chart. She released 13 albums up to 2009’s Conga Square, on which she paid tribute to jazz influences such as Sarah Vaughan and Billie Holiday.(Source)

Lady T

Lady T

Teena Marie was one of my all-time favorite recording artist, and in the late 80’s and early 90’s, I had the pleasure to spend time in her house with her and my friend, musician Larry Allen, who was doing some recording sessions with her Brad Buxter and Doug Grigsby.(Source)

(Watch Doug Grigsby talk about working with and making music with Teena Marie)

I was just driving them there,but I volunteered my car to them, in order to meet Lady T, and show her a music video I directed , and to get her reaction.

She was real gracious and fun to be around that day, and the recording session was an unforgettable moment in time…her vocal skills were simply incredible!

I know that many of her friends, family, and fellow musicians are grieving the loss of such a transformational artist and personality that was Teena Marie, and the world has just lost one of our best soul singers to pass this way.(Source)

Teena Marie is survived by her daughter, Alia Rose, and a host of family and friends who will miss her dearly…

Teena Marie,54, and daughter Alia Rose,19...

Teena Marie,54, and daughter Alia Rose,19...

…may she rest in peace,she will never be forgotten, and she has left us with a lifetime of recorded music, that will be cherished for ever.

6 Responses to “Motown Soul And Funk Legend Teena Marie,54, Has Passed Away Today In Her Sleep…R.I.P.”

  1. May Teena rest in peace. Our condolences to her family. We grew up on her music in Barbados during the disco era


  2. Rest in peace Teena…You will be missed…I can’t believe it, but your legacy will live on…May God Bless your daughter, family, friends, and fans through this horrific time of a legend loss too soon…Alia Rose it is now your turn to keep her voice alive…

  3. Gone but will never ever be forgoten

    RIP..LADY. T.

  4. A Poem in Honor of Teena Marie

    In 1979, a phenomenon happened;
    Lady T revealed her Wild and Peacefulness,
    By enchanting a world full of hate and sin.
    The world was unprepared for you;
    But like a gentle breeze on a summer’s day,
    You warmed and soothed our hearts with Déjà Vu.
    Although the label tried to hide your pretty face,
    It was ok because we didn’t care about your race.

    We waited for you to take us Behind the Groove,
    Hoping Aladdin’s Lamp would grant your three wishes too.
    You asked, Can It Be Love?
    I replied unequivocally, “Of course, Lady T”
    Because I foresaw your Fire and Desire.
    I Needed Your Lovin’ cause you kept your Irons in the Fire,
    Consuming me in your blaze by every lyric and melody you gave.
    The magic you revealed in your beautiful ballads;
    The Square Biz you talked about in your hypnotic songs;
    Kept me hipped on you to the T, Yes Indeed.

    Not ceasing, nor bringing me out of ecstasy,
    You told the world about the Robbery,
    Forcing us to take note of a love thievery,
    I cried with you as you sang to your Cassanova Brown,
    I wondered would Cassanova Brown reply to your Dear Lover letter?
    Hoping your Shadow Boxing in the dark would break it down,
    Hoping that the Fix It man would help you out too,
    Since Midnight Magnet didn’t care about what you were going through.

    You didn’t allow this love thievery to dim your bright star;
    In fact, you forced the stars to make room for you;
    As Lovergirl catapulted you to the high heavenly charts.
    You took us to a place where you’d reign as the Queen of Syncopation;
    I asked, who had you Out on a Limb, making you give in to him again?
    Yet, I wondered was Cassanova Brown the proud culprit again?
    I felt your awe of Marvin hoping that he was listening in Heaven;
    For I knew that your Starchild was the reason for all of the Jammin,

    Like a jewel, you kept shining as green as Emerald City;
    You told us Once Was Not Enough and to Love You Down Easy;
    Yet, I didn’t want to see your Sunny Skies taken away from me either.
    I wanted to escape with you to Shangri-la;
    A place where I could say, “Teena You’re So Heavy.”
    When you said, “Sister can’t fly on one wing,” that rang in my ear;
    Not knowing that you would fly even higher to Ooo La La La;
    What I realized was that you were truly Naked To The World;
    Continuing to have that Once and Future Dream,
    Baring your heart and soul to the world as our one and only Lover Girl.

    Since Day One, I knew you would become our Ivory Queen;
    Since God already deemed that you would reign supreme.
    (Being our bell, ringing each day for us who were listening),
    You warned about the Red Zone but asked,
    How Could You Resist It?
    I answered, “Oh Mighty Isis,
    I can’t resist you so please be by my side.”
    For when you talked eternal I knew what you meant;
    For Aphrodite must have been proud to have influenced it;
    And Cupid who shot me with your love, spread it worldwide.

    The Passion Play intensified when you Hypnotized me through a new song;
    How the Air you breathed made me ask, how could you hold a note so long?
    Wild Horses couldn’t keep me away from your baby making melodies;
    And the Pretty Man in me got inspiration from your sweet harmonies.
    The Slow Grind of your love songs, oh how they did it to me each time;
    As Warm as Momma’s Oven, you just kept blowing my mind;
    And as I patiently waited for your Black Rain to arrive,
    I hoped you would continue to rock me in your musical tide.

    When your Black Rain didn’t make its expected landfall;
    I began to question how could this fierce storm stall?
    My Body Was Hungry for you to rain down on me;
    To take me to Spanish Harlem and to a place called Ecstasy.
    I wouldn’t tell anyone about your Secret G;
    Especially when you simply wanted to be called Lady to the Tee.
    For I prayed for the world to take notice of you,
    As well as your fans from the Lady T Yahoo Group.

    After your break, you came back to reclaim your throne;
    The World was Still in Love with your hypnotic melodies;
    And I was so happy that you hadn’t changed your tone.
    You made history again proving that your legacy had never died;
    You are truly our La Dona, unlike any other-a living legend.
    And no matter what title you prefer to go by,
    Ivory, Lady T, or simply Teena (you don’t pretend);
    You’ll always be my precious gem radiating to me.

    Sapphire was that precious gem you gifted to the world and to my ears;
    Your voice continued to emanate and Blow me away like a tumble weed;
    Even though I have been hooked on your harmonies for over 30 years;
    It’s because you are my Resilient songbird making me go Ooh Wee!
    I am hopelessly addicted to you always wanting more;
    Never wanting to be released from this musical high that I adore;
    I pray to our mighty God above that you wouldn’t Simmer Down;
    Cause can’t no one come close to dethroning your Ivory Queen Crown.

    Congo Square was where you took me to release The Pressure,
    Without a doubt I Can’t Last a Day without hearing your precious voice;
    So please keep singing some Harlem Blues that hook me beyond measure;
    Because only You Baby can strike a chord with me to make me rejoice;
    It’s just something about your Ear Candy that keeps me grooving too,
    And What U Got 4 Me has always been music and melodies that are true,
    On Lover’s Lane, you still make my spine tingle like it was my first kiss;
    Cause when we all think about it, your music simply don’t get no better than———This!

    RIP Teena
    By Anthony Redd © 2010

  5. Oh my what a beutiful poem….R.i.p Teena

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