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Burning Down The House!!!…Escondido Bomb House Burn Underway!!!

Authorities are currently burning down the home known as the “Bomb factory House” located in Escondido. The fire was started around 10:50am.(NPR)

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has declared a state of emergency in San Diego County following the discovery of what police called a virtual bomb factory in an Escondido-area home.(HuffPo)

As suspected, at 11:17 there was an explosion that occurred inside the house, as it burned.Due to the large amount of specifically HMTD, are extremely sensitive to heat, the decision to burn the house down and explode whatever is concealed inside the house, so that the investigators, or even the neighbors, are not accidentally blown up by some undiscovered explosive stored in the house.(LA TIMES)

The plume of black toxic smoke has risen more than a thousand feet in the air,but is acting in the controlled manner in which the authorities predicted.The main thing they are trying to avoid, is the toxic chemical smoke blowing close to ground level.(ABC)

This is why the neighborhood was evacuated.(10 News)

Click on this link to watch cel phone footage of the burn right now!!! (Link) (Link-2) (Link-3)

George Jakubec suspected bomb house factory perpetrator

George Jakubec suspected bomb house factory perpetrator

Police have charged George Jakubec,an out-of-work software consultant who is renting the home,with possessing and manufacturing destructive devices, as well as robbing banks. Jakubec has pleaded not guilty to all charges.(Source)

Law enforcement officials discovered what is believed to be the largest stockpile of highly explosive material ever found on U.S. soil  inside the home Jakubec rented at 1940 Via Scott.(CBS Crimesiders)

George Djura Jakubec, 54, was indicted with federal charges that he knowingly made and possessed destructive devices including nine detonators and 13 grenade hulls with unknown quantities of high explosives, including Hexamethylene Tiperoxide Diamine (HMTD), Pentaerythitol Tetranitrate and Erythritol Tetranitrate.(Source)

Jan Caldwell of the San Diego Sheriff's Department

Jan Caldwell of the San Diego Sheriff's Department

Jan Caldwell of the San Diego Sheriff’s Department has just delivered a message that the house is burning as hot as they had planned, and that no problems have arisen in the burning down of the house.

The fire will be allowed to burn itself out, which may take several hours, possibly 4-5 hours, and that the freeways and roads surrounding the structure, will remain closed until the smoke clears up.

The house about two minutes after it was ignited

The house about two minutes after it was ignited

She has stated that Hazmat plans on entering the burned down structure on friday morning, but that the residences that were evacuated, may be able to return to their homes by the early evening.

Evacuation burn area

Evacuation burn area

She went on to say that she believes that the worst is over, and that air monitors will remain in place for days to come, to monitor the toxicity of the particulates in the air.

…”Everything is going as planned”…

She also explained that the pops and explosions were caused by a cache of hand grenades and a large stash of ammunition stored on the property by the bomb maker George Jakubec.

The roof could be seen collapsing about 40 minutes into the controlled burn.The flames and smoke was visible up to 30 miles away, if not more. The house burned down in less than an hour….

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