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Drunk Man Falls Onto Train Tracks At A Madrid Metro Station…Saved From Being Ran Over At The Last Moment!!!(Video)

Spanish police have released security camera footage showing a drunken, stumbling 41 year-old man falling from the platform at the Puerta del Angel station onto the train tracks of an oncoming Metro train, at a Madrid Metro station.(Source)

The man was under the influence of alcohol and had lost his balance and fallen from the platform of the station.

The fast-moving train is expected to pull in to the station momentarily…

Passengers on the opposite platform can be seen frantically screaming for help and waving their arms in a futile attempt to get the driver to slow down and stop, so he does not make a bloody squashed mess of the already messy drunken man.(Source)

In the distance, we can see a brave  unidentified police officer on the security footage lowering himself down to the tracks and pulling him free as the train grinds to a halt inches away from him!!!(Source)

The sober heroics of the 30-year-old police officer, according to this officer, can be attributed to his training.The 30-year-old hero had  graduated just two months ago from the police academy.

“This has been a very particularly frightening experience, but they prepare us for this sort of thing,” he said.

“I ran out, I took off my jacket, and I threw myself onto the tracks. At the same time I had to maintain my awareness of the train that was approaching because it was just about to arrive.”(CNN)

Madrid,SpainMetro logo

Madrid,Spain Metro logo

Both the officer and the drunk man were spared from any serious injury, and this officer should be commended for his heroics.

If the Spanish police in Madrid are this brave, then it stands to reason, that Madrid as well as Spain, looks like a great place to visit!!!(

…don’t drink and drive, and don’t get too drunk to walk onto a train station platform and not fall off!!!

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  1. the guy died

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