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14-Year Old American Teen Edgar Jimenez Lugo aka ‘El Ponchis’,Forced To Decapitate 4 Victims For A Mexican Drug Cartel…Captured With His Sister!!! » El Ponchis…14 year old American teen contract killer for the Mexican Drug cartels

El Ponchis...14 year old American teen contract killer for the Mexican Drug cartels

El Ponchis…14 year old American teen contract killer for the Mexican Drug cartels

El Ponchis…14 year old American teen contract killer for the Mexican Drug cartels

5 Responses to “El Ponchis…14 year old American teen contract killer for the Mexican Drug cartels”

  1. Tis a sad state of affairs when criminal and other organizations use kids to do their dirty work. I hope those that resort to having kids do their cowardly dirty work are caught and receive capital punishment for their actions. I hope this kid can be set right while he is in prison…

  2. Beliveve its time to get a handle on this, like fight fire with fire !!! Dont see anyhting wrong with true justice, like a group of secret men who have the guts and grit to elminate this problem we have on and off boarder!!!!! I know it would not look goood in americans eyes but ifd the cartel new we were done with just slaps on the hand then i think you would see a difference!! I would be willing to do my part, anyone else…….LET ME KNOW

    • I have a different opinion on that, and I live within eyesight of the border so in my opinion, I do not see any need to do anything at all, because you guys that do not live here are being thoroughly misled by the media, and the neocons that stir up the trouble here.Mexico has always been run by the cartels, so it’s their country’s business not ours to meddle in.I say drop the border fence, and border patrol, and the border period, ..and let the market work it out.
      All the news you guys are going all KKK on to, is exaggerated to the level that it is all a lie…for the bigots to get their panties in a twist.Sad to know that it is working, but, I am not surprised,America is full of ignorant racist bigots.

  3. to reply to your statement , I am not a racist nor am i wanting to go and shoot innocent people no matter what race they are !!!!! Even if this was on American soil I would rather step in and,fight for some teenager who was being used. So instead of sitting and looking out your window and letting them take over GROW A PAIR AND HELP OUT!!!! By the way I go down there everyweek !! God bless you have a nice daY!!

    • First of all thanks for the reply, I respect that tremendously.
      Look Dale, I have a pair, i just do not,in my opinion see the need for the border at all, so I can not defend something I find to be totally unnecesary, as this southern border.
      These stories are just written to excite the crowd against our neighbors here in the south.As I see it, from our local economic stand point, would be akin to suicide if we ever stopped our Mexican brothers from seeking employment here in the states.That’s all they want, and if there is no market here for them, guess what, they return to seek work elsewhere…it’s not a situation that demands billions of dollars spent on a fence and a special security force,i.e Border Patrol.
      The easier it is for people to make passage here the better.
      I am glad to hear you are not a racist,and it seems like your intentions are genuine, I just do not agree with you on this one.Now I have to have a passport just to go to TJ, …i just think our nation needs to just get a grip, and se this boondoggle for what it is-a waste of our tax dollars.

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