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Randy Moss Already Kicked Off Of Minnesota Vikings Football Team After Awkward Remarks…That Didn’t Take Very Long.

Randy Moss has been waived by the Minnesota Vikings, but no one in Vikings management has confirmed it publicly,after spending the month of October enduring a disappointing return to the team that made him famous.(FoxSports)

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The only one’s who are officially confirming Moss’s release are the players, who said they were told of Randy’s release by the coach Brad Childress.It comes the day after Moss’ bizarre postage press interview following the Vikings’ loss to his former team, the New England Patriots, in which he professed his love and undying admiration for his former coach Bill Belicheck, and the fact that he misses playing for the Patriot’s, and that he hated to leave them.(Video)

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….it is fair to point out the fact that he did say that his statements in no way meant any disrespect for his current team the Minnesota Vikings.

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I find it to be a double standard that coach Childress would summarily fire Randy Moss over alleged insubordination, yet tolerate blatant insubordination, and disrespect from player Brett Favre towards his coaching authority!

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Randy Moss’s agent Joel Segal has reported that the Seattle Seahawks and Miami Dolphins had already expressed interest to him about acquiring the future Hall of Famer Randy Moss.

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Moss’s firing comes a day after  a 28-18 loss to  New England, in New England.

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Where do you think Randy will end up next?…

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2 Responses to “Randy Moss Already Kicked Off Of Minnesota Vikings Football Team After Awkward Remarks…That Didn’t Take Very Long.”

  1. I think there was nothing wrong with what he said it’s just in games like FOOTBALL run by egotists and Morons they cant deal with someone who is not willing to lie about his feelings simply because Joe X provided the milk.

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