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San Diego Police Officer Christopher Wilson Killed In Deadly Shootout And Stand-Off,2 Bodies Found…Police Dog Monty,Wounded…

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Breaking News- A veteran San Diego police officer was shot and killed, and a police dog, Monty, was shot and wounded last night in a shoot-out that occurred in the Skyline area of southeast San Diego.(KPBS)

San Diego Police Lt. Andra Brown reported to the press…”Officer Christopher Wilson, a 17 year veteran of the Department, was removed from the apartment and transported to Scripps Mercy Hospital where he later died as result of the wounds sustained during the exchange of gunfire”…



A San Diego police dog named Monty, was also wounded in the shootout.

A San Diego police dog named Monty, was also wounded in the shootout.


“A police dog named Monty also was wounded in the shooting but is expected to survive”, Brown added.(10News)

Officer Wilson was killed in the line of duty while he, along with his fellow officers and U.S. Marshals were in the midst of doing a probation compliance check at an apartment complex in the Skyline area, which is an urban neighborhood in the City of San Diego.

Around 10:45 p.m. Wednesday, the team of law enforcement officers entered one of the apartments at 479 S. Meadowbrook Drive.



Meadowbrook Apartments in the Skyline Area of southeast San Diego, ca.,close to the scene of the crime.

Meadowbrook Apartments in the Skyline Area of southeast San Diego, ca.,close to the scene of the crime.


They knocked and someone inside opened the front door, then slammed it shut in the officers’ faces, prompting law enforcement to kick in the door, he said, adding that after kicking in the door, law enforcement was able to take one suspect was taken into custody.(SOURCE)

The other suspect fled to an adjoining room, barricaded himself inside, and began to violently resist arrest.

A reporter on the scene for local San Diego CW channel 6 news team reports this account…Gunfire ensued after officers secured the prisoner and then apparently went back to kick-in an interior door in the apartment, leading to an officer and a police dog named Monty to be shot. Witnesses tell San Diego 6 News they heard more than 20 shots exchanged.

Later, a man and woman emerged but the standoff continued because authorities believed up to two armed suspects remained inside, Collins said.

The officer died at Scripps Mercy Hospital at about 3 a.m.   The dog is recovering from surgery…


Scripps Mercy Hospital

Scripps Mercy Hospital


The police officers called in the local SWAT team, who used flash-bang grenades,tear gas, and rubber bullets, to gain entry into the apartment. Once inside the officers exchanged even more gunfire with the people inside, but prevailed in securing the scene.(MSNBC)

Inside the apartment was like a war zone, and police found a man and woman,both dead, in a back bedroom. The bodies were surrounded by guns, according to San Diego police officials.(Fox)

At least one of the victims was believed to be the gunman who killed the officer, but that is still under investigation.

It was not immediately known if they were killed in the shootout, or if they took their own lives.(UPI)

San Diego is known as America’s Finest city, and we also believe that we have America’s finest, professional police force, and the whole city is mourning the loss of this fine veteran officer who lost his life, working to make our great city a safer place for our children to live.

I believer that our fine officers need to be given raises, and not cutbacks like they are facing currently.(SOURCE)

In honor of this officer, on November 2nd, I will make sure that I vote on whatever tax or public referendum that is on the ballot, to ensure that the San Diego Police force is properly funded, if not increased, if that will help them while they put their life in jeopardy for our safety, on a daily basis.

For only a $.05 cent sales tax increase, the San Diego police department could afford to put more police on the streets, and give them the proper tools to ensure our safety, and theirs. Simply put, vote YES on Proposition D.(SOURCE)



Officer christopher Wilson...slain in the line -of-duty...

Officer Christopher Wilson...slain in the line -of-duty...


…may he rest in peace.

The San Diego Police Officer’s Organization has a list of fallen officers posted here (LINK)…and if you support the above mentioned proposition or not, we all can donate to the SDPOA- Widows & Orphans Fund, who will be assisting with officer Wilson’s young family during this hard time(Link). Their postal address is :

San Diego Police Officers Association

Widows & Orphans Fund

8388 Vickers Street

San Diego, CA 92111

I am certain they appreciate all of our support, and I encourage all my readers to donate whatever you can in the memory of fallen Officer Christopher Wilson.

This is a developing story, so check these links for the latest on this breaking news story…


NBC San Diego


2 Responses to “San Diego Police Officer Christopher Wilson Killed In Deadly Shootout And Stand-Off,2 Bodies Found…Police Dog Monty,Wounded…”

  1. As an officers wife, my heart hurts for the loss of a fellow officer/ brother. As a resident of San Diego, my heart hurts for all of our loss. I agree this is NOT the time to make cut backs in protecting our community. Officers willing to protect us should never have to worry about a pink slip EVER…

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