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Charlie Sheen,45, Simply Can’t Hold His Liquor,Cocaine,Or Prostitutes…In Hospital After A Drug And Sex Induced Binge Breakdown.

Not more than two months out of rehab, Two And A Half Men star Charlie Sheen,45, has been admitted to a hospital, after he was found to have trashed his hotel room ,terrorizing a prostitute he was partying with, sending her running to hide in a closet, screaming for her life, while Sheen went on a destructive cocaine induced rampage.(NY Post)

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Charlie Sheen, 45, allegedly told police he had been “out partying” and had been drinking and snorting cocaine before flipping out and going on his violent rampage,but his publicist said that the actual reason for the flip out was the result of  an“adverse allergic reaction” to medication”?@?!?…(Source)

…I think we have found Charlie Sheen’s enablers. They probably will not stop coming up with these lame excuses, until he kills himself, or hurts someone else…

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Police found him drunk and naked earlier that day in a trashed suite at the Plaza Hotel. The unidentified prostitute witness said he got angry when he couldn’t find his wallet and cell phone,then he flipped out, got ultra-violent, threw chairs, broke a chandelier, causing $7,000 damage to the room.(TMZ)

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Charlie Sheen is in New York on a family vacation with his ex-wife Denise Richards and their two daughters,while she is promoting her new show on SpikeBlue Mountain State.(HuffPo)

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People like Charlie Sheen, who can not hold their liquor, cocaine, allergy medication, and prostitutes, just need to stay away from them, and leave them alone, altogether.(MSNBC)

Here’s wishing Charlie a more effective round of rehab, if he lives to get a chance to straighten out.(People)

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…his chances are running out…

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