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Georgetown University Students Busted For Running A Suspected Drug Lab In The Dorms!!!…Is Tuition That High!!!

When students are forced into selling drugs because ...their college tuition is too (damn) high, it’s a sign that our economy and morality is out of balance.


Georgetown University

Georgetown University

I know, no one is actually “forced” into selling and manufacturing drugs,I am just being cynical here, but when confronted with mounting pressures from bills that you know you can not pay,many young people turn to selling drugs.In the urban neighborhoods it is quite common,but in the hallowed halls of a prestigious institution of learning, like Georgetown University, it is an anomaly, but could be a sign of the times.

Drug dealing, as well as using, knows no color lines or societal barriers.It is truly the common denominator here in America from my point-of-view.

Police have arrested three men,Charles SmithJohn Romano, and John Perrone, all suspected of creating a drug lab in a freshmen dormitory ,Harbin Hall,at prestigious Georgetown University in Washington.


Harbin Hall the freshman dorm at Georgetown University, where the drug lag operated on the 9th floor.

Harbin Hall the freshman dorm at Georgetown University, where the drug lag operated on the 9th floor.

All three suspects are at least 18, so they will face adult charges.(CNN)

University Public Safety officers were called to  investigate a strange odor on the ninth floor of Harbin Hall, when they discovered the alleged drug lab. The student drug manufactures were in the lab cooking up a new batch of what had initially been reported as methamphetamine, which is the drug of choice for many non-black Americans.

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The three budding criminal masterminds were making Dimethyltryptamine, a hallucinogenic drug commonly known as DMT.

DMT is used by abusers that want an LSD trip,but do not want to get it from acid, so they go for DMT.

DMT is generally smoked or consumed orally in brews like Ayahuasca. Like most other hallucinogens, DMT is not associated with physical dependence or addiction.(Source)

DMT is found in a number of plant materials and can be extracted or synthetically produced in small illegal labs,like the one discovered at the Georgetown freshman dorm.

Like other hallucinogens, Internet sales and distribution have served as the source of drug supply in this country,and law enforcement has had a hard time stopping the ever-increasing supply of DMT introduced into the public.


Georgetown University Vice President of Student Affairs Todd Olson

Georgetown University Vice President of Student Affairs Todd Olson

Georgetown University Vice President of Student Affairs Todd Olson sent a message to the parents of students about the arrest of two Harbin Hall residents:

Dear Parents,

I am writing to update you on an incident that took place on campus today.  Please know that students remain safe and campus is operating normally.

As you may be aware, we evacuated Harbin Hall early this morning after the Department of Public Safety and District of Columbia Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) responded to calls complaining of a strange odor on the 9th floor.  Our actions today, as in any emergency situation, were directed by law enforcement authorities – in this case MPD and D.C. Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department.  We know that residents of Harbin Hall experienced inconveniences by not being able to access their living space for most of the day and we are grateful for their cooperation.

We appreciate the many friends and colleagues who worked to assist temporarily displaced students throughout the day.  Provost O’Donnell has consulted with academic leaders on the Main Campus and asked for their help to support students whose weekend has been disrupted.

The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) has confirmed that an illegal drug, Dimethyltryptamine (DMT), was being produced in one residence hall room and was the cause of today’s incident. Please know that the DEA has informed us that there was never a health risk to students in Harbin, including those on the same floor, beyond those who lived in the room.  Hazardous materials experts have now removed all potential contaminants.

The use, production and distribution of illegal drugs are issues we take very seriously and are violations of the student code of conduct.  MPD has arrested three individuals, two of whom are Georgetown undergraduates.  They remain in police custody.

This kind of incident is very unusual in our community.  Please know that we work actively to educate our students and to enforce our policies and the law.  If you have questions or concerns related to this matter you may contact the Office of Student Affairs at (202) 687-4056 until midnight tonight or tomorrow from 10am – 4pm Eastern time, or during business hours in the week ahead.

The safety of your students has been and continues to be our top priority.  The  University’s emergency response team, and many others on campus, have been working to keep our community safe and secure.


Todd A. Olson, Ph.D.

Vice President of Student Affairs

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…To say the least, this is a violation of the student code of conduct that every student must read and abide by, while a student at Georgetown.

The exact wording is as follows…any student who “intentionally manufactures counterfeit or controlled substances” can be charged with a Category C violation—”the most serious level of infraction.”

Category C violations “likely” result in disciplinary suspension or expulsion.(Georgetown Blog)

Now that these three drug dealers have been captured, the least of their problems will be tuition,…now it will be how to pay for a good defensive attorney!!!

…hopefully, they will try other, more non-lethal ways to raise money to cover their bills.

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  3. non lethal ways?…lol how is dmt manufacturing lethal?

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