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Another Pet Chimp Goes Beserk…This Time No Ones’ Face Got In The Way…

Another pet chimp breaks out of its house and gores berserk on his neighbors…did we not learn anything from the face mauling victim Charla Nash?

A 300-pound chimpanzee named Suko ,that broke out of its owner’s house, has been captured after smashing out the window of a police car and wandering around a neighborhood in Kansas City, Mo.(CBS)


Suko the rampaging Kansas City Chimp Smashimg window of Police car!!!

Suko the rampaging Kansas City Chimp smashing window of Police car!!!

The last time this happened, Charla Nash got her face ripped off!!!

Have we learned nothing at all???

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Maybe…chimp’s don’t make for the ideal pet?

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The 300-pound chimp, named “Sue,” was spotted wandering through a neighborhood on Tuesday, destroying a gate, fence and police car, according to the station.

“Sue” — short for “Suko” — had escaped from her owner’s home for about an hour on Tuesday afternoon.

The animal was finally coaxed back into a cage in the back of a truck by her owner after a tranquilizer dart failed to knock her out and she climbed a tree, the station reports.(Fox)

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Leave the chimps in the jungle!!!(Video)

Travis the chimp was a pet chimp that was a popular animal actor in film and T.V., but when he got old, he got to be unpredictable for the owner,Sandra Herold,72, to handle.

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On February 16, 2009, Travis attacked Sandra Herold’s friend Charla Nash, age 55, inflicting devastating injuries to her face and limbs. Travis had left the house with Herold’s car keys, and Nash came to help get the animal back in the house; upon seeing Nash, Travis immediately attacked her.(Wiki)


Sandra Herold and the ill fated Travis, in happier times...

Sandra Herold and the ill-fated Travis, in happier times...

Sandra Herold, of Stamford Connecticut faced absolutely no criminal prosecution from the state of Connecticut concerning the viscous mauling by her ”pet” wild chimp Travis on her neighbor and employee Charla Nash.(Source)

Tragically,Sandra Herold, who had lost her only child in a car accident in 2000 and her husband to cancer in 2004, died this past spring of a ruptured aortic aneurysm.


Sandra Herold and Travis the chimp...R.I.P.

Sandra Herold and Travis the chimp...R.I.P.

She was 72

Charla Nash is recovering from her injuries at her home, and is being evaluated for a possible face transplant.(Huffpo)

Suko the chimp will not be returning to her owners home, but will become the latest resident of the Kansas City Zoo, which is by far a better place for her, than a residential neighborhood, as we learned in the sad case of Travis the chimp.(Source)

Hopefully, she will live out her days at the zoo in comfort…

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For the full story on the Kansas city Chimp Suko…click on these links…

Kansas City Star



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