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San Diego Hometown N.F.L. Hero Junior Seau Had A Bad Day All The Way Around!!!…Claims He Was Not Trying To Commit Suicide.

Ever had a bad day?…how about a totally bad day?

Well, if you have, then you can relate to self-inflicted ordeal that my hometown hero, and N.F.L. football legend Junior Seau had on this past Sunday.

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Junior Seau,41, is reportedly still a patient at Scripps La Jolla hospital, more than 13 hours after being treated for minor injuries sustained from a single driver car crash, as his SUV Cadillac Escalade somehow plunged 30 feet down a cliff into the sea, onto the beach,while Junior was behind the wheel.(Source)

Junior Seau drove his car off of a 30 foot embankment!!!..and lived!

Junior Seau drove his car off of a 30 foot embankment!!!..and lived!

The crash follows his arrest for domestic violence. There are over 5,600 calls to the San Diego county Domestic Violence hotline annually.(Source)

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Carlsbad Police Department Spokeswoman Fiona Everett said police and fire units found Seau conscious behind the wheel.

Seau told investigators he drove off the cliff because he fell asleep.

Seau's Escalade SUV went airborne over the steep embankment...

Seau's Escalade SUV went airborne over the steep embankment...

There was no evidence of alcohol or drugs in the car or on Seau, and an investigation into the accident continues.

Seau’s vehicle was found about 100 feet below the road.

Seau’s 25-year-old live-in girlfriend, Mary Nolan, told authorities that Seau assaulted her during an argument Sunday night at his Oceanside home, according to the Oceanside police. She appeared to have minor injuries and did not require medical treatment.

Seau was arrested outside his home about two hours after the police arrived. He was freed on bail from the San Diego County jail.

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Popular leading entertainment blog TMZ first reported, Junior Seau was arrested early this morning for domestic violence.(TMZ)

Paparazzi filmed a locksmith changing the locks on the doors at Junior Seau’s condo, where he was living with his 25 year-old live in girlfriend…I wonder who is locking whom out of the property?

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I guess we will all find out when he is discharged from the hospital.

This is not Seaus first run-in with the law, allegations stemming from 2006 when two women filed a lawsuit against the football player, claiming he confronted them in a bar at the Gaslamp District, shouted female specific profanities and threw two large drinks on them.

That case never went to trial and the lawsuit was settled out of court.(Source)

Seau, the fifth overall pick in the 1990 NFL draft, spent 13 seasons with the San Diego Chargers, building a reputation as one of the most feared linebackers in the game.

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Seau’s play with the Chargers earned him a roster spot on the NFL 1990s All-Decade Team.

Many sports stars have been known to have a hard time adjusting to life after playing the game, and being in the limelight. According to Bob La Monte, author of Winning the NFL Way, “Within five years of leaving the league, 75% of NFL players end up either broke, divorced, or unemployed.”(SOURCE)

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Junior Seau has many friend’s and family in the San Diego area, and he is a much-loved local personality, who has worked tirelessly in support of local charities, to help those in need.

Long time San Diego Chargers Chaplain Shawn Mitchell paid Seau a visit in his hospital room and says he enjoyed seeing him again. “His spirits were good. He’s weak, he’s bruised, but I’ve seen him worse after football games.”

If Junior is having any kind of problem, then I am certain that he will be supported by many in the community, who can help him transition into life after football since he has done so much for our community.

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  1. We need a pic of the girlfriend, Mary Nolan. I’ve scoured the web.

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