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When Is A Woman Not A Woman?…Transgender Woman Sues LPGA Over Birth Rule.

When is a woman, not considered to be a woman?


Transgender Lana Lawless...real woman or not?..sues LPGA over birth rule...

Transgender Lana Lawless...real woman or not?..sues LPGA over birth rule...



That is the question that the LPGA professional golfing tournament must ask itself, due to a lawsuit that a transgender golfer is launching against the organization.(Source)

A man, who is considered to be a female in California, who underwent a sex change operation five years ago, is challenging the LPGA’s ban on transgender players,citing discrimination.(Transgender Laws)

Lana Lawless, 57, said she was denied membership in the national women’s golf governing body even though she is a post-operative transsexual and considered a woman by her home state of California.

She filed suit against the LPGA this week in U.S. District Court in San Francisco as well as against the Long Drivers of America, which has also prohibited her from competing in their golf tournaments.(ABC)

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….does anyone else find the name ‘Long Drivers’ to be kind of funny,..and ironic, given the story?

The 57-year-old retired police officer is also suing three LPGA sponsors,Dick’s Sporting Goods and Re/Max — and CVS, because she feels that the “female at birth,” requirement violates a California civil rights law.

Lawless participated and won the long Driver’s event in 2008 with a 254-yard drive, but the organization has since changed its rules to model the LPGA’s. “I am by all respects, legally and physically female,” she said in a statement Wednesday.(Fox News)

She is demanding that the two organization’s be banned from coming into California and violating her civil rights.(WSJ)

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The lawsuit, filed in United States District Court in San Francisco by her lawyer, Christopher B. Dolan, seeks an unspecified amount in damages and a permanent injunction preventing the tour from holding tournaments or qualifying events in California as long as it continues to exclude transgender people.

Lawless said she had no competitive edge over other female golfers, even though, up until 2005, she was a burly,physically fit, strong hulking man. The reassignment surgery removed her testes, and her hormones and muscle strength are in line with someone who was genetically female.(Source)


Transgender Renee Richards fought to play on the women's tennis circuit.

Transgender Renee Richards fought to play on the women's tennis circuit.


Lawless feels…“There is no such thing as being born female. Either you’re female, or you’re not.”

I,respectfully, think much differently on this one.

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I feel that you are either a woman at birth, or you are a Transgender woman, who was changed into a transgender women by undergoing sex reassignment surgery.

The courts have upheld fraud cases in the past, when a man has discovered that they were duped into marrying a transgender woman, who they were misled to believe was a female  at birth, and not due to elective sexual reassignment surgery.(Source)


Remember the "Crying Game"....

Remember the "Crying Game"....


..thus the terminology transgender. Lana describes herself to be a post operative transsexual, which is much different than saying that you are indeed a woman.

There is a difference,

…and she is on record distinguishing the difference for us.

Transgender pregnant man...Male or Female?...or Transgender.

What do you think,let me know…

Follow this story here…

NY Times


San Francisco Chronicle

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