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N.Y. Police Forced To Kill Knife Wielding Man After Their Stun Gun Fails…He Threatened To Kill Cops In A 911 Call.

Emmanuel Paulino, 24, a resident of Manhattan, was shot to death by New York city police, after a stun gun they were trying to subdue him with failed, and they were forced to stop the knife wielding man by discharging multiple bullets from their service revolvers.

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Police say Emmanuel Paulino was shot several times after he refused to drop a 6-inch knife after the officers did everything they could to get him to back off, but he kept advancing towards them with the knife.(Source)

Paulino had made a chilling 911 call to the police, requesting that they show up, because he wanted to kill some cops.

When the officers did arrive, he was spotted in a heated argument with his girlfriend holding the weapon.When he saw the police approaching him, he told them to…”Stay out of my business!”…and refused to drop the weapon, after the officers repeatedly shouted to him to drop the weapon.

Nine witnesses told investigators that Paulino charged at officers, and kept advancing on the patient officers, even after they had discharged a taser gun into him, but the taser had no affect on him.

Manny Paulino shot by cops after stun gun malfunction.

Suicide by cop victim Emmanuel Paulino.

Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said the officers recognized that they were dealing with an emotionally disturbed person and had called the Emergency Service Unit for back-up, as they specialize in these mentally disturbed cases, but the situation escalated quickly, and the officers were forced to shoot the knife wielding suspect.

Paulino was rushed to a nearby hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

The police are describing the case as a “suicide by cop” incident, but they are investigating as to why the non-lethal taser malfunctioned, and failed to work.

Suicide by cop is a suicide method in which a suicidal individual deliberately acts in a threatening way, with the goal of provoking a lethal response from a law enforcement officer or other armed individual, such as being shot to death.(WIKI)

9 shots in all were fired into Paulino’s body,after the taser failed. In fact, witnesses are stating that after Paulino was shot with the taser prongs, he simply laughed at them and kept advancing towards the officers.

The family of the deceased man describe him to be emotionally disturbed, and are accusing the police of resorting to gun play much too quickly.(Source)

Alex Candalerio, 27, Paulino’s cousin has made statements to the media insisting that “no one used a Taser” insinuating that the police acted with lethal and excessive force, claiming that the cops never gave his cousin a fair chance to stop his attack.

If they are guilty of a false report, then the police are involved in a cover-up.

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The family is also accusing the police force of leaking the tape of the 911 call that Emmanuel Paulino made himself to the police, threatening the cops, in order to sway the public opinion in their favor, during the investigation of the killing.

The family of Emmanuel Paulino said that he was suffering from depression that was compounded by his ongoing unemployment status.

Officials said Paulino served 20 months in federal prison after he was caught at Kennedy Airport swallowing 51 “pellets” of heroin. He was released in March and on probation until 2013.(SOURCE)

The shooting is under investigation by the police department, and they are also investigating as to why the stun gun malfunctioned.

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