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Jerrybrice’s Blog is officially 1 year old today!!!…Thanks for all the support!!!

Sad ,but happy,blackface clown....

Sad ,but happy,blackface clown....

As of September 27,2010,my blog,Jerrybrice’s Blog, officially became 1-year-old,which is a major milestone for us here at our headquarters!!!

This first year we have dedicated ourselves to delivering you, our followers and loyal readers,the best content on a consistent basis, that you have become accustomed to here.

We have a lot of new and exciting features we have developed that we will be introducing in the coming months,which I can guarantee you will be innovative as well as interactive.

…The theme for our second year is measured expansion of our blog,in order to serve our followers more effectively!

Thanks for all of your wonderful support, and keep checking back this year, as we break news,and deliver to you our own unique point-of-view on the news of the day.

I created this illustration in celebration of our first year in production…and it is representative of my personal artwork.

Let me know what you think…the best is yet to come,so stick with me!!!

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