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Segway Owner Dies From A Segway Accident…He Fell Off A Cliff Into A River!!!

Life sometimes throws into the mix, an ironic twist of fate,as is the case of the owner of the Segway scooter company,who has recently forced to vigorously defend his products safety record,because of the mounting reports of injuries from accidents while riding the personal scooter.(BBC)

Jimi Heselden, with wife Julie

Jimi Heselden, with wife Julie

James W. Heselden, 62, who took over control of the Segway company, has had to defend his company against a report that claims that in  2006, the George Washington University hospital’s emergency department had three cases, then eight cases in 2007, and 25 in the first 11 months of 2008.(Source)

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Segway-related injuries tend to be severe, Dr. Mary Pat McKay said.

“Several cases involved the rider unintentionally striking an immobile object, including a park bench, a signpost, a light pole, and a tree,” the authors wrote in the article.

Ten of the 41 patients (24.4 percent) were admitted to the emergency department and four of them had to stay in the Intensive Care Unit for traumatic brain injuries.   No deaths were reported in the study.

Patients also required procedures to repair fractures, Achilles tendon tear, brain contusions, collapsed lung, and fractured ribs.(SOURCE)

Jimi Heselden was at one time in his life a laid-off coal miner turned self-made millionaire who had just bought the Segway company only 10 months earlier.

He ended up becoming the UK’s leading philanthropist, and donated a lot of his wealth to help out disadvantaged children and charitable foundations.(Source)

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Mr. Heselden, fell into the River Wharfe while riding a Segway on his estate.

The West Yorkshire police did not treat his death as suspicious, Neil Wardley, a police spokesman, said, adding that a local coroner had yet to establish the exact cause of death.

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He was found five miles from a factory in Leeds where he made his fortune from defense contracts for Afghanistan and Iraq. His top-selling innovation was a wire basket filled with earth and water that was better than sandbags in protecting troops from missile and mortar attacks, the paper said.

Authorities are investigating whether the death was due to driver error or a problem with the scooter.(Source)

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For more on this story,click on these sources…

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  1. Oh, the sweet, sweet irony.

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