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Scandalous 1950’s Era Pop Singer Eddie Fisher Has Died At The Age Of 82…May He Rest In Peace.

It has been reported by Tricia Leigh Fisher of Los Angeles, that her father, romantic 1950’s era pop singer Eddie Fisher, has died at the age of 82, due to  complications from hip surgery.(Perez)

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He died at his home in Berkley, California on Wednesday evening.

His  publicist British Reece released this statement…””Late last evening the world lost a true America icon,”…”One of the greatest voices of the century passed away. He was an extraordinary talent and a true Mensch.”(SOURCE)

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Between 1950 and 1956, Fisher recorded dozens of songs that made the top 40 and four that reached No. 1 on the pop charts.

In 1953 Fisher was given his own 15-minute TV show called Coke Time, sponsored by the Coca-Cola company; it was so popular that Coke then offered Eddie an unprecedented $1 million contract to be their national spokesperson.(Source)

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His fame as a pop singer was overshadowed by scandals ending his marriages to Debbie Reynolds and Elizabeth Taylor,in which he publicly romanced Elizabeth Taylor who was a good friend of his wife, America’s sweetheart Debbie Reynolds, in which they were promoted as America’s favorite couple.(LA Times)

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When Taylor’s husband Mike Todd died in a tragic accident,Eddie dropped by to offer his shoulder for her to cry on,…and their relationship grew into a scandalous affair. Mike Todd was Eddie Fishers best friend, many questioned if the relationship had not started prior to Todd’s death.

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A messy publicity nightmare followed,much like what happened recently to Jessie James and Sandra Bullock, and Fisher divorced Reynolds and married Taylor in 1959.(CBS)

She left him after having an on set affair with her new leading man Richard Burton, after only being married to Eddie for five years.(Source)

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..oh well.

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Fisher’s career never recovered from the scandal. He married actress Connie Stevens, and they had two daughters. Another divorce followed. He married twice more.

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One of his daughters with Debbie Reynold’s, Carrie Fisher,  portrayed Princess Leia in three hit ‘Star Wars” features, becoming an international star in her own right.

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Eddie Fisher had boyish good looks, and was a top star in the 50’s.Many considered him to be an American treasure.

Eddie Fisher and Debbie Reynold's...In the 50's they were America's favorite couple.

Eddie Fisher and Debbie Reynold's...In the 50's they were America's favorite couple.

May he rest in peace…

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