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SNSD-Girls Generation… ‘K♥POPs’ to the TOP of the Japanese Billboard Pop Charts…Fans There Fall In Love With The Girls!!!

SNSD-Girls Generation’s introduction to Japan could not be going any better for the ladies as the fans in Japan just keep growing and growing, the people of the J Pop continent can’t resist the infectious sexy sound of K Pop’s hottest girls group!

In the past  6 weeks, SNSD has performed and captivated legions of screaming and loyal fans in a resoundingly successful concert tour and media blitz that has seen the ladies perform to sold-out concerts in Los Angeles, California at the Staple’s Center,Shanghai,China, and Showcase @ Ariake Coliseum, Japan…all accomplished in the month of August and September, all to satisfy the addictive demand of their world-wide fans!

They are determined to entertain their worldwide fans as much as possible,and I predict that soon they will be one of the top-selling and  touring groups on the planet…they are already close to reaching that goal.

Their hard work and infectious team spirit ,has paid off, as the leggy ladies,on September,8, unleashed their Japanese debut hit  single “Genie” and immediately sold more than 45,000 copies in what turned out to be a big week for SNSD and the Japanese fans!(GENIE-Japan)

Thier  very first Japanese single  has placed at No. 5 on the prestigious Oricon’s singles chart, according to their agency SM Entertainment on Thursday…which is a unique occurence that is a groundbreaking accomplishment for these 9 lovely singers.

SNSD-Girls Generation have landed in Japan...

SNSD-Girls Generation have landed in Japan...

…But the big news is that SNSD has placed on Japan’s Billboard top Hot 100 Weekly Chart,Hot Top Airplay, and the Hot Single Chart!!!

The ‘Genie’ is out of the bottle and he is granting the wishes of the enticed and hypnotized Japanese people as the 9 ladies have spread their brand of addictive K Pop all over Japan,…in lightning speed!!!... all for the pleasure and enjoyment of the people.

Yuri...SNSD loves you!!!

Yuri...SNSD loves you!!!

The overwhelming amount of repeat request to listen to “Genie” has placed  SNSD -Girls Generation in the #1 spot on the Billboard airplay chart.

Taeyeon is beautiful...

Taeyeon is beautiful...


Their label SM Town, the company with the magic platinum pop-touch, is pleased with their massively succesful debut campaign that finds the group of talented ladies in a position to win over the love and admiration throughout the continent of Japan, as they have done in their own country of South Korea, where they debuted in 2007 , and have been on the top of the K Pop idols list ever since.

SM Town Live 2010 World Tour sells out the Staples Center in Los Angeles, Ca.,USA!!!!

SM Town Live 2010 World Tour sells out the Staples Center in Los Angeles, Ca.,USA!!!!

SNSD-GirlsGeneration and SM Town have come to Japan in a big way….and plan to stay!!!!

TaeYeon (group leader), Jessica, Sunny,Tiffany,HyoYeon, YuRi, SooYoung, Yoona, and SeoHyun…I love the ladies of SNSD-Girls Generation!!!!…and so do you!!!

Japan loves SNSD-Girls Generation…



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