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Lindsay Lohan,24, Fails Multiple Court-Ordered Drug Test…Proves You Can’t Shake A Cocaine Addiction In Just 30 Days.

On a what was turning out to be a slow news day, leave it to notorious cocaine addict Lindsay Lohan,24, to come through like a champ to save the day!

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It has been confirmed this evening that the recently released, on probation crack head ,and former movie star Lindsay Lohan has tested positive for drugs other than cocaine, failing her court ordered drug and alcohol  test and could face a probation violation that might throw her back in jail.(TMZ)

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It should be noted that the source says that it was not cocaine that she tested positive for,but some other unidentified illicit drug, so at least she was cured of her cocaine addiction, that’s at least something positive…right?

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Lohan served just 14 days of a 90 day jail sentence over the summer, and was subsequently ordered to serve 90 days in drug rehab. She was let off early and easy again, this time getting out of rehab after just 23 days of what has proven to be an ineffective stay there for her, and a failed rehab treatment.

The judge made it a condition of her early probation that he would send her back to prison for 30 days, for every test that comes back dirty.(Daily Mail)

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At a hearing last month, Beverly Hills judge Elden Fox ordered Lohan to go to weekly psychotherapy and behavioral therapy sessions, in addition to 12-step dependency program meetings and mandatory drug tests.

A source connected to Lohan said, “People with addiction problems don’t get better magically, and she’s really been making an effort to make herself better.”(CBS)

On a much applauded cameo appearance on last weekends MTV Music Award with Chelsea Handler, Lohan poked fun at herself  and her growing reputation for drug abuse and irresponsible public behavior, by insinuating that she may have turned her life around due to her incarceration in prison, and her short time in drug rehab.(HuffPo)

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…I’m pretty sure a night out on the town with the music business crowd easily made her fall off the wagon, or her delusional mother, Dina Lohan, may be at cause in her dependency problems.(Video)

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Dina is convinced that Lindsay has no problem, and that everyone else is just hating on her poor Linds!?!..

…she blamed her coke head daughters drug problems on the judge!!!FAIL!!!

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…poor girl never had a chance with an idiot mother like that!…if your child is becoming lost in a drug induced haze and her once thriving movie star career is sinking…then the thing to do is get help for her, not enable her and come up with other people, and outside forces to blame on it, but own up to the fact that your child, or your meal ticket is losing her public battle with drugs, alcohol fame addiction!!!

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…before it’s too late, and she makes the news due to her untimely demise!!!

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