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Former World Champion Boxer Ricky Hatton Taped Snorting Lines Of Cocaine!!!…Boxing Fans Devastated.

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(NOTE:The actual video of Ricky snorting cocaine has been deleted from Youtube,but, undoubtedly, it will be back on-line soon!!!…for now go here to watch

A re-enactment of Ricky Hatton snorting cocaine...sort of!!!

A re-enactment of Ricky Hatton snorting cocaine...sort of!!!

Boxing fans worldwide are shocked and surprised to wake up this morning to view on-line former world light-welterweight boxing champion Ricky Hatton,31, snorting ‘multiple lines’ of cocaine at a hotel two weeks ago.(Daily Mail)

Ricky Hatton caught snorting cocaine up his nose!

Ricky Hatton caught snorting cocaine up his nose!

The Former world boxing champion was secretly recorded snorting seven “industrial size”lines of the illegal drug in a Manchester,England hotel room in the midst of a ten-hour drink and drugs binge. Hatton lives with his fiance Jennifer Dooley in the city of Manchester, and was set-up and betrayed to be filmed for the News Of The World two weeks ago by his’ friend ‘Emma Bowe, 29.

Irish national senior women’s boxing champion Bowe told the tabloid she flew from Dublin to Manchester to attend a cage fighting event with Hatton.

She claimed he spent the night in her hotel room, where she said she witnessed him snorting cocaine.

‘He laid out three huge lines, really industrial quantities,’ Bowe said. ‘I watched him all the time.

‘He went to the dressing table and cut them up with a credit card, really fat lines of coke.

Ricky Hatton snorting an 'industrial size' line of coke!...shocking!!!

Ricky Hatton snorting an 'industrial size' line of coke!...shocking!!!

‘Then he rolled up a £20 note, put it up his nose and snorted up three lines of cocaine one after the other.’

She also claims she witnessed Hatton drank several shots of Sambuca, 11 pints of Guinness, four shots of vodka and two glasses of wine.(Boxing News World)

Fight fans last saw Ricky Hatton, who is sometimes known as ‘Ricky Fatton’, because of his penchant to go on eating binges and drinking binges between fights that increases his weight and appearance, last year knocked out cold on his back, by an industrial size second round punch, at 2 minutes 59 seconds of the second round from champion Philippine fighter Manny Pacquiao,ending their fight at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas on May 2, 2009 in an embarrassingly devastating defeat!

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Ricky Hatton was trained for that fight by convicted ‘former’ drug dealer’ Floyd Mayweather Sr., who famously served a 5 year sentence in a federal prison for drug trafficking.(SOURCE)

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Mayweather is a convicted drug smuggler, serving over three years of a five-year federal drug trafficking sentence. Mayweather and others were convicted of smuggling cocaine into the US in detergent boxes from 1987-1992.(SOURCE)

He is also a very close friend of fellow European countryman and champion former Welsh fighter Joe Calzaghe, who was also recently involved in his own cocaine shame this year, after having been caught on tape admitting he was a frequent cocaine abuser, after being caught in an undercover investigation by a tabloid newspaper.

Multi-millionaire Joe Calzaghe, 38, boasted that an unnamed television actor could supply him with cocaine. It was also stated that Calzaghe claimed a relative supplied him with the drug.(Video)

Joe also went on to disparage his friend Ricky Hatton in the undercover tapes as well,but issued an apology to his friend and fans, and,like most drug addicts, claimed that he has his drug use under control, and that it is not a problem for him in his life.

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So,as we all can see, Ricky Hatton is surrounded by cocaine abusers, as well as drug dealers, former as well as current. My advice to him is to clean house, and get away from all these terrible influences in your life, and stop using cocaine,because you will eventually snort that $30 million dollars you made during your boxing heyday, and ruin your health and your life.

...imagine Ricky Hatton snorting this line of cocaine!!!

...imagine Ricky Hatton snorting this line of cocaine!!!

Think about that little boy you are raising, and focus on the future!

It is being reported by Hatton’s Publicist Max Clifford,that Ricky “feels he’s let everybody that matters down badly” and that  the fighter has “been in a bad place for some time” and is “distraught about it, very upset and very subdued.”(USA TODAY)

I say to Ricky Hatton, don’t beat yourself up too much about this, but just do something about it, now that you have been exposed.

I also urge you not to be mad or disappointed in your friend Emma Bowe who secretly filmed you on your cocaine binge, and who distributed the tapes to the media.(Intervention)

…she definitely outed you,but she did you a favor!!!

I don’t know if she got paid or not, but, barring that, I don’t think she was trying to betray you,I think she was trying to save your life!!!..and she just may have accomplished that goal.

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That is a true friend, not a pariah like the crowd of drug addicts you have been associating yourself with…

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