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Willow Smith’s New Hit Single-“Whip My Hair”-…It’s A Jam Worth Checking For!!!

Will and Jada should keep making babies, because the one’s they have got, are truly talented!

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9-year-old Willow Smith has unleashed a hot new single called “Whip My Hair“…and it’s on fire!!!…and it is reminiscent of a Rihanna style cut , except from a little kids point of view.

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She is obviously a big fan of Rihanna,and as they say,imitation is a form of flattery, so its a good thing that this is happening for both singers.The little girls look up to Rihanna, even daughters of two international celebrities.(NecoleBitchie)

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Given, Willow has probably been afforded more opportunities to see the world and develop a broader world view than the average 9-year-old because of her parents success,but she is coming hard.

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If you listen closely to the lyrics, she’s giving the ladies some good advice, and, basically it’s coming from the mouth of an innocent child.

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Whoever produced the beats to this single should also be commended, because I usually don’t listen to little kid singers, unless they are seriously coming with the hot tracks and beats, like little Willow is here.

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Based on the surprisingly skillful lyrical skills that her brother Jaden laid down on that cut with Justin Bieber,I think it would be a good guess to say that the house of Will and Jada is probably musical.(VIDEO)

Jaden Smith and Justin Bieber

Jaden Smith and Justin Bieber

Either way, it’s working, and as a father myself,I think the parents are doing a wonderful job raising their children, and coaching them into the entertainment business.

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Jay Z was in to it as well, and he has signed little Willow to an album deal, as an artist on his Roc Nation label. Jay-Z says it’s rare to find an artist with such talent and creativity at Willow’s age.(Source)

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I know I am probably not Willow’s target market, but I like it…so I will buy it, and get a copy for the children in my life,because we will definitely be on your team!

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One Response to “Willow Smith’s New Hit Single-“Whip My Hair”-…It’s A Jam Worth Checking For!!!”

  1. i love this song an i sing all day and night im a big fan of Will Smith Jada Smith Jaden Smith and of corse Willow Smith! i just wanted to say hey and i love you music and your brother movie!

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