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2 Killed By Suspended Co-Worker At The Kraft Foods Cookie Factory In Philadelphia…

Another tragic murderous rampage has happened in an American workplace at the Kraft foods cookie plant in northeast Philadelphia today, as an disgruntled and suspended employee,who is obviously in need of some anger management counseling,returned to her place of employment to kill as many of her co-workers as possible.(NBC-Philly)

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A 43 year-old women who was just suspended from her job at the Kraft Foods,inc. plant, and was escorted out of the factory minutes before, returned with a handgun and opened fire Thursday, killing two people and critically injuring a third, police said.(CBS)

About 10 minutes after the woman was escorted out, she returned in a car and drove through a security barrier before re-entering the building on foot, Lt. Frank Vanore said.(Source)

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It is being reported that the name of the female shooter is Yvonne Hiller,and that she used a .357 Magnum to commit the carnage at the former Nabisco factory.The fact that the pistol was in her car would point to the fact that this rampage was a premeditated act.

Police Commissioner Charles H. Ramsey told reporters that Hiller killed two female employees on the third floor and shot and critically wounded a male employee in a stairwell.

Police Commissioner Charles H. Ramsey of Philadelphia

Police Commissioner Charles H. Ramsey of Philadelphia

She was unaware that in an adjoining office, seven employees were hiding. They called police and told them where she was.

As police approached her hiding place, Hiller fired a shot through the wall at them and at one point reloaded her weapon, Ramsey said. Hiller surrendered when SWAT team members entered the room about 9:30 p.m., Ramsey said.(SOURCE)

The officers who freed the seven hiding people who were “in a bad position” were hesitant to refer to the group as hostages, but when you are held somewhere against your will, it is by law, kidnapping,which is on par with being a hostage.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reported that about 100 people were inside the plant but had been cleared out.They manufacture Oreo cookies, Philadelphia Cream Cheese and Oscar Mayer bacon,at this Kraft foods plant on Byberry Road near Roosevelt Boulevard,in northeast Philly.(Kraft Wiki)

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Hiller had worked at the factory baking Ritz Crackers and Lorna Doone cookies for close to years 15. The cause of her suspension has not been made public at press time, but it is being reported in the Philadelphia news that Hiller had a history of arguments with her co-workers and management.

“She just had some run-ins with them and imagined different things that were going on that really couldn’t be proven,” Randy Gaines, a Kraft worker, said.

The injured worker is being identified as Brian Daulton, was shot in the neck and shoulder.Brian Daulton was rushed to Aria Health’s Torresdale campus with his gunshot wounds. He was later transferred to Jefferson and listed in critical condition.

Mr Daulton remains in critical condition at a local hospital,and doctors are working to stabilize him.(SOURCE)

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Kraft officials released a statement about the incident early Friday.

“This is a tragic loss for all of us. To assist our employees, we will be providing counseling services at the facility,” part of the statement said.(CNN)

Hiller is expected to be arraigned on two murder charges and one attempted murder charge later today.(Source)

This tragic workplace shooting comes a month after Omar Thornton shot up his former workplace, a beer distributorship in Manchester, Conn., after having been fired from his job and escorted off the premises.

Omar Thornton went on a workplace rampage,killing many of his co-workers...

Omar Thornton went on a workplace rampage,killing many of his co-workers...

He returned to killed eight people and then himself, yet it has been reported that he was calm and collected when he was escorted from the premises, only to emerge from his vehicle to return to the plant armed with firearms,bent on killing as many of his co-workers as possible.

Thornton, who was black, told police dispatchers he was overwhelmed with a sense of racial injustice in his job at Hartford Distributors, but officials there say that there was no record to support claims of “racial insensitivity” made through the company’s anti-harassment policy.

Authorities have not reported the race of Yvonne Hiller or her rationale, if she has one,for her shooting spree at the Kraft cookie factory.

There are more people out of work in America, than those that have a job,so there is a possibility that tensions are ramped up between employers and employees now, since it may be easier to replace a worker who may not be a team player,but that is still not a legitimate reason to shoot unarmed hard-working people in the back.

It is just a despicable act.

Workplace shootings are the leading cause of deaths in American workplaces.(Report)

For more on this latest rampage at work,follow these links…


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