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Craigslist Blocks Sex Ads In The USA…So Do You Think The Adult Internet Sex Trade Will Suffer?

Today, the legal system has finally solved the problem of internet porno adult local adult escort massage services advertised and freely, and easily accessible on the internet ,by litigating them out of existence!!!… one site at a time.(Source)

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…I am obviously being sarcastic here.

Today, the sex police of the world-wide web,that are hell-bent on cleansing the internet of illicit adult services has forced the popular American  website Craigslist, to shut down access to its adult services section of its website in the United States of America.

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This is the result of your conservative Glenn Beck Teabaggers for sure!…It definitely smells like their form of demagoguery!!!….

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I say that because it is predictable that these ridiculous restriction of freedom of speech is exactly what these Christ-only “teabaggers “claim to be against government control.(War On Porn!)

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…but only if they approve of it!!!.

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…how ironic!

It always comes down to someone enforcing their own sense of morality on consenting adults, resulting in a futile attempt to stop the inevitable.

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All this will accomplish is that  traffic will be up significantly on other resourceful sites that step in to benefit from this restriction of legal freedom.

Tell me…what do you think…will this action stop adult services from being advertised on the internet,freely?

A sample of a typical censored ad...

A sample of a typical censored ad...

Write in and let me know…

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…Could this be “the end” of internet porn!?@!?!





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