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Heartless Bosnian”Puppy Throwing Girl” Collared By Police For Tossing Several Puppies Into A River!!!

Bosnian police are reporting today that they have arrested the terrible young lady in a devilishly red hoodey that was recorded heartlessly and callously throwing a bucket full of 6 screaming newborn black puppies,one by one, into a raging river, and into certain death…all the while smiling and laughing, as if she is having a grand old-time murdering the helpless baby dogs.

Puppy tossing killer captured for mass murder of 6 newborn pups...

Puppy tossing killer captured for mass murder of 6 newborn pups...

The dogs appear to be aware of their imminent death…

Here is a link to the disturbing :43 second clip, that is still posted on the Live Leak video sharing site-(VIDEO)

When I originally discovered this on YouTube,I hesitated to report on this atrocity, simply  because I did not want to give this disturbed young lady, and her accomplice recording her,what they desire, which is world-wide notoriety, because it is a despicable act that might encourage other troubled youth to follow in her footsteps, so that they can read about it, and the predictable response and outrage on-line.

I am only reporting and posting the link to video here now, because I am happy to report that this murderous youth has been captured and arrested by the Bosnian authorities, and she will be punished…hopefully to the fullest extent of the law.

Outrage over the actions of this young lady, and the casual nature with which she is systematically killing the puppies has led many citizens on the internet, to form groups, and band together to track her down,starting with accessing the personal information of the original poster on You tube.

PETA had earlier offered a $2,000 reward for the capture and conviction of the puppy-thrower, animals rights group “Flekice” (Spots) also filed a complaint to police claiming the girl seen on the video, originally posted on YouTube, came from Bugojno.(SOURCE)

Yet another animal rights group — SOS —  based in Sarajevo — claims to have information about the girl, who was reportedly filmed by her brother.(SOURCE)

SOS spokesman Velimir Ivanisevic received an email that allegedly identifies her as a teenager from the central Bosnian town of Bugojno ,and at the same time motion picture director Michael Bay, who helmed the mega-hit movie franchise “Transformers”, put up a $50,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and successful prosecution of the woman in the red sweatshirt and the person who shot this act of cruelty.(SOURCE)

Popular imageboard site 4chan marshaled their dedicated troop of followers with this message and call to arms: “Find this dumb little bitch and throw her into a river….”(SOURCE)

The followers at 4chan demanded that this despicable girl be identified, and by doing some great detective work, they were able to track the girl from her internet footprint(..a phrase I just made up) and locate her all the way in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Her alleged name and age has been erroneously  reported as a minor girl from Bugojno, a town in Bosnia, and that she lives with her parents and brother.(SOURCE)

It should be noted that the Bosnian police are denying that the identity of the girl is the rumored and cleared girl and that the leaked information is not accurate and all named parties have been cleared, …and that since there is such a huge international outcry for her head, that they will not officially release her true identity,and also went on to say that she is actually a minor,…but most sites are reporting her to be the wrong girl.(SOURCE)

Whatever her name is,that is not important now that she has been apprehended and is off the streets in the custody of the police….whatever her name is, thank goodness she is off the streets.

Police are saying that they were able to arrest the girl only because of the leads provided to them by the 4Chan site, as well as the animal right’s groups and other organized groups on the internet from around the world that went on the hunt for this perpetrator.(SOURCE)

Thank you 4Chan!!!…consider me a new supporter of your site!!!

Local media reported that girl’s grandmother had told her to throw the three-day-old puppies into the river because it would be the most merciful way to dispose of them.

Under Bosnian law a person who kills or tortures animals is punishable only with fines ranging from 15 to 5,000 euros (19 to 6,400 US dollars), hopefully the coverage this case is getting will encourage them to increase this punishment to include some years in prison!!!

It is a good thing that she is in custody, and now maybe her parents will be forced  by society to this killer teen the much-needed mental counseling that she so desperately needs, if she is going to continue to be let free in society.

I can not imagine the horror and fear that must have gripped these 6 deceased puppies moments before they were thrown, and, as a person that does not know how to swim, I can only imagine the terrible sensation of drowning that visited these poor animals as they slipped under the water into death.

Newborn puppies....innocent,cute, and sleeping...

Newborn puppies....innocent,cute, and sleeping...

People who kill and torture animals,most certainly will graduate to the murder and torture of humans, as in the case of mass murderer Jeffery Dahmer.(SOURCE)

The public has good reason to be concerned,” PETA Manager Martin Mersereau said in an official statement. “According to law-enforcement agencies and leading mental-health professionals, perpetrators of violent acts against animals are often repeat offenders who pose a serious threat to all animals – including humans.”(CBS)

The video is disturbing to watch, so skip it and rely upon the descriptions in this and the linked articles if you are squeamish,because it will ruin your day…BUT…if you do view it, just know that the red hooded puppy tosser has been caught, only because the good people on the internet, all around the world, came together to get this idiot off the streets.

I am convinced that even though evil at this extreme level exist in the world,..that there are more decent humans that populate the planet,of all cultures, from all countries, more so than not.

That is the only redeeming message that can come out of this story, as well as my new-found support for Michael Bay’s movies.

If Michael Bay is going to use my little financial contribution to his movies to help bring light to causes such as this, then I will patronize every one of his flicks, no matter what type of review they get!

4chan,Michael Bay, Peta,SOS,YouTube, Live Leak, all the animal rights groups around the world, and all the dedicated citizens that came together to apprehend this perpetrator in honor of the 6 drowned and tossed puppies,are in my eyes international heroes!(Facebook)

[picapp align=”center” wrap=”false” link=”term=cute+puppies&iid=1224199″ src=”″ width=”380″ height=”253″ /]

I send all of you my utmost respect!!!!

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2 Responses to “Heartless Bosnian”Puppy Throwing Girl” Collared By Police For Tossing Several Puppies Into A River!!!”

  1. Her name is NOT Katja!
    Please delete that name from your entry!

    The video is bad, but it does NOT justify vigiliant justice!
    The names of SEVERAL girls were thrown around as potential suspects, just because they were blonde.
    These girls are victim of an online witch hunt.
    NOBODY has the right to publish somebody elses name without official proof!
    That’s libel. And since the puppy thrower is most likely a minor, she will be granted certain special rights and her name will probably never officially verfied.

    However, the name of Katja has been officially cleared.
    She DID NOT throw the puppies and is completely innocent.
    Still, thanks to people throwing her name and address around online without second thought, she is receiving massive death threats and currently need to be protected by the police.

    STOP ruining the lives of innocent girl!
    Collateral damage like this is NOT ACCEPTABLE!
    It does not bring the puppies back!

    For more details see:

    A news report by (Croatia) stated, that it was a 12 years old girl from Bugojno, Bosnia and NOT a 19 years old girl from Germany.
    Thus, it is NOT Katja Puschnik.
    Englisch translation on facebook:

    A big German Newspaper (Sueddeutsche) confirmed that a girl from Aying (they changed her name to Claudia P. to protect her) received death threats after her name and address is being published online in connection with the “puppies case” while she is INNOCENT as confirmed by the German police. She is under the protection of the police while they are investigation the death threats, slander

  2. Thanks for the comment!…name retracted!

    FYI….my original intent was to report that the her identity as this puppy killer, was in fact not true.

    In using her name I was hoping to help clear her name.

    I deleted that as you suggested if that clears up any confusion.


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