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I Am Addicted To Korean Pop Sensation-Girls’ Generation(SNSD)-‘OH’…And So Will You!!!(MUSIC VIDEO)

One of the best things about the internet is the fact that no matter where you are in the world, you can click on a site and find out what the kids on the other side of the world are in to, when it comes to fashion,art ,culture and music.Tracking popular trends, called trend forecasting, is a necessity in today’s fashion and entertainment business,and  being on top of a popular international trend could make or break any entertainment entity.(WIKI)

If you do not think that is so…then you are either very elderly,or simply naive.

This is how I became a fan of pop music sensations Girls’ Generation…and I have become somewhat addicted to their videos.

You should check them out!!!(VIDEO-GEE)

My tastes are very simple…I like girl groups,because I like girls!!!!I am very constant and passionate about that, and my taste have not changed, just matured as I have gotten older,so my fascination with this group should coma as no surprise to those that follow me here at Jerrybrice’s Blog, and I have to thank a faithful reader for making me aware of this group from Korea.

…feel free to forward any new groups from anywhere in the world,performing any type of music,especially if you think it is in line with my musical, and visual taste, in fact, send it anyway, even if you are unsure of if I would like it or not,at least I will learn something new!


Too cute!!!...Girls' Generation!!!


As a former music video director for major label groups,I have always relied upon my gut instinct as to whether I think a single, or an act,has a hit single on their hands or not.My gut instinct about this group I am speaking of Girls Generation,is that they will be a hit, platinum selling act worldwide!!!

Girls Generation is already a top-selling pop group in Korea, and just this past weekend,they have mounted an all out attack on the pop music scene in Japan.

It is being reported that Girls Generation  performed their single “Genie” at their showcase held at the Ariake Colosseum in Tokyo, Japan on August 25, 2010, and they drew an amazing 20,000 fans out to see them do their thing!!!(Full Video)

..20,000 screaming fans!!!

SM also said that about a total 1,000 journalists, advertisers and record company officials attended the showcase where the girls sang their hit numbers including “GENIE”, “Oh!”, “Run Devil Run”, and “Gee”.

The nine-member group also revealed the music video for their Japanese debut single “GENIE” which goes on sale in the country starting September 8.(SOURCE)

For those of us that have been to Japan we know that Japan has some of the coolest,hippest,cutting edge young people on the planet!…ask Gwen Stefani, so if you can penetrate and find popular acceptance with Japanese youths in Japan,you must be on to something that will resonate around the world.

Girls’ Generation is one of Korea’s top female pop groups and now all thought Asia, and consist of 9 of the cutest girls in the music business.They are Hyoyeon, Jessica, Seohyun, Sooyoung, Sunny, Taeyeon, Tiffany, Yoona and Yuri.(Bio’s)

They have released two albums that have become big hits since 2007, and their music videos attract  millions of  views on You Tube, which means that the world is watching.

The group was put together by SM Entertainment,which is a is a talent agency, producer, and publisher of Korean pop music, founded by Lee Soo Man, in 2007, and they are often referred to as SoShi (소시), or SNSD (mainly outside Korea), the first of which is an abbreviation and the second an acronym of the group’s Korean name So Nyeo Shi Dae (or So Nyuh Shi Dae).(SM Entertainment Videos)

In China, they are known as 少女時代 (Shàonǚ Shídài; or Siu Nui Si Doi in Hong Kong) and in Japan as 少女時代 (Shōjo Jidai).(WIKI)

Being a new fan, I certainly am not an authority on their full pop music catalogue, but I like what I see and know of so far.I encourage you to check out their website, their fan club,and do an internet search for them, just so you can see what I am talking about.

It’s a pretty effective formula that I predict will work all over the world, and I look forward to their American debut,but if they do not make it to our shores here in North America,I have already alerted my Korean home boys that I will be visiting soon!!!



Believe me,if you like cute girls,fashion and music, then Girls Generation is for you!!!


Girls' Generation (SNSD)...dropping new music September 8th,in Japan.

Girls' Generation (SNSD)...dropping new music September 8th,in Japan.


For more information on Girls Generation, check them out here….

GirlsGeneration Official Website

YienJee’s Asian Stars


6 Responses to “I Am Addicted To Korean Pop Sensation-Girls’ Generation(SNSD)-‘OH’…And So Will You!!!(MUSIC VIDEO)”

  1. Girls’ Generation (SNSD) will soon fly to Los Angeles in the United States to take part in the “SMTOWN LIVE ’10 WORLD TOUR” to be held at the Staples Center on September 4….(SOURCE)

  2. hello, i’m also addicted to girls generation.
    i wish they have some kind of email address so we can email them.
    then we could invite them for a live concert at my shcool.hehehehehe!:)
    your blog is really it the first time you designed a website.
    who is your fav. girls generation member.
    mine is seohyun.

    • Try their Facebook page or their official fan site.I always see their replies and comments on Facebook when a fan post something,but not all the time because they are obviously busy.
      Check back here,I am going to post a cool more things periodically on the Girls, because of fans like you stopping by here!…Thanks!!!They have the best fans in the world!

  3. i love girls generation??

  4. i love girls generation

  5. i was ignoring this web page but suddenly when i saw up and down i became fan of these girls

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