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Happy 52nd Birthday To The Late King Of Pop….Michael Jackson!!!

Had he not been murdered by the hands of his homicidal physician Dr. Conrad Murray,Michael Joseph Jackson would have been celebrating his 52nd birthday today,August 29.(WIKI)

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It’s been over a year since he was killed,and he is truly missed…may he rest in peace!

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His star and legend has only continued to increase in the year since he passed,and tributes and celebrations were held in his honor, all throughout the world.(VIDEO)

Fans Gather To Celebrate The Life Of Michael Jackson.

Fans Gather To Celebrate The Life Of Michael Jackson.

In Merriville,Indiana,fans gathered this weekend for the first Michael Jackson Fanvention held in honor of the late Michael Jackson.

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Joe Jackson, the singer’s father, is reportedly scheduled to attend a cake cutting ceremony today at the event.(SOURCE)…but I doubt if Michael’s mother, Katherine Jackson, will be with him.(SOURCE)

It has been reported this week, that after 60 years of marriage, Katherine and Joe Jackson have filed for divorce!!!(SOURCE)

Celebrity website ran a touching photo tribute in honor of Michael Jackson’s 52nd birthday celebration.(TMZ)

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For more on this birthday celebrations for the King of Pop, follow these links…



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