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Rid Of Wife, Tiger Woods Shoots 65 For His Best Round Of The Year!!!…Coincidence?

Finally, with the weight of the world off of his shoulders, and with a clear sense of the future ahead of him now that his marriage has been dissolved, and with the knowledge of the final cost personally and financially that he will have to bear,Tiger Woods is back on top of the leaderboard,having shot his best round of golf in over a year!!!(SOURCE)

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Appearing in his first tournament since his divorce, Tiger Woods played his best round of the year Thursday, shooting a 6-under 65 in the first round of The Barclay’s Classic which is the first in a series of four PGA Playoff events that make up the Fed Ex Cup, which doesn’t rank as a major but offers a significant purse and a chance for Tiger to re-establish himself as a dominant player and perhaps put the troubles of the past year behind him.(SOURCE)

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Asked if he felt a weight lifted from him, Woods said: “I can’t really say that’s the case. As far as golf-wise, it was nice to put it together.”

Tiger Woods contrite confession

Tiger Woods contrite confession

Woods’s admission of multiple affairs made him a laughing-stock and led to a five-month layoff from golf.(SOURCE)

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Asked if his swing struggles hitting the ball were greater than the personal distractions Woods has faced, the 14-time major winner said, “I think it’s all the above. To be honest with you, I think it’s all of the above.”

…it probably has a lot to do with that rumored well over $100-$500 million dollar divorce settlement he has to pay Elin!!!!At those rates, success is his only option!!!

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Tiger Woods is back, and he has vowed to break the record set by Jack Nicklaus.(USA TODAY)

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Jack Nicklaus set theĀ record of 18 championships in the PGA majors.

Good for Tiger Woods, now he can just be himself. The worst is over, and the best is yet to come….

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