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Army Precision-Skydiver Gets Stuck On Pole During Texas Rangers Opening Ceremony Before The Game(Video)

For those of you out there that need any more proof that skydiving is a dangerous sport, even for the experts, need to watch this video of a mishap during a skydiving exhibition held at Texas Rangers stadium last night before the game.

On Tuesday, the Army’s Golden Knights Parachute Team,which is known for their patented pregame entrances onto the field from an airplane high above the earth, encountered a problem due to swirling winds as they descended into Arlington Stadium, causing one of the expert team members to collide with a flagpole atop the scoreboard, the highest point in the stadium.

The Arlington Fire Department’s high angle rescue squad was immediately dispatched to the ballpark, but the soldier managed to lower himself to safety and was not injured.(Source)

Army's Golden Knights Parachute Team

Army's Golden Knights Parachute Team

The United States Army  Golden Knight’s demonstration teams travel the United States(and occasionally overseas)performing for public audiences at venues ranging from relatively small civic events, to nationally and internationally televised events (such as Monday Night Football games, NASCAR races and large International airshows). The two, 12-member teams travel approximately 240 days per calendar year.

It consists of demonstration and competition Parachutist teams, drawn from US Army Paratroopers who have demonstrated excellence in their parachuting skills.(WIKI)

I am glad no one was injured, and it all ended up fine.I am pretty certain that is just one of the many hazards of that job.

[picapp align=”center” wrap=”false” link=”term=skydiving&iid=5806332″ src=”″ width=”380″ height=”253″ /]

If it was not dangerous, it wouldn’t be as impressive to watch, …or to do.

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