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14 Wild,Drugged-Out And Stoned Acting Black Bears Discovered Guarding Million Dollar Marijuana Crop In Canada!!!…They Were Pretty Mellowed-Out!

Royal Canadian Police posing With Wild Pot-Bears Guarding 1 Milloin Dollar Illegal Pot Farm

Royal Canadian Police posing With Wild Pot-Bears Guarding million Dollar Illegal Pot Farm

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police,otherwise known as the ‘Mounties’, whose motto is that they always get their man,may have to change that to,well, they always get their …animal, because they recently discovered a marijuana farm in Canada, that was being ran, ...or more likely guarded,by at least 14 docile,yet wild black bears!!!(SOURCE)

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Not only were there Black Bears lazily roaming around guarding the illegal weed, but the police also found, during their raid, a “friendly pot belly pig and a little raccoon sleeping on the bed”, which tried to climb up an officer’s leg.(SOURCE)

Dudley-Do-Right is a proud Royal Canadian Mountie!

Apparently,it was common knowledge in Christina Lake in southeastern B.C. that a local woman known as the “Bear Lady” had befriended the wild animals at her remote cabin, but no one seemed to realize the bears were protecting what police describe as a million-dollar marijuana grow-op.(National Post)

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A neighbour of the woman accused of growing the marijuana said the suspect had been feeding the bears for years so they would stay close by and scare away potential thieves.She was feeding the bears dog food to lure them into hanging out on the property.

If her plan was to scare and intimidate those who would rob her pot farm, then it was genius!..but,given the paranoid nature of drug dealers, and the lack of integrity by those who would work for them,I feel that her motivation was quite possible more about her distrust of the humans she would normally have to deal with,

…versus the laid back,mellow,kick back nature of wild animals-specifically black bears!?!?

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The Bear Lady of British Columbia is a cross between Dr. Doolittle and Pablo Escobar!!!..and her hench men are wild life creatures.

During their July 30 raid, police also discovered the bears were not the only wildlife being kept by the occupants.The Globe And Mail reports that…

“Inside the residence there was a large pig roaming around and there was a large raccoon sleeping on the bed,” Corp. Moskaluk said. “Who knows what the raccoon was up to because he was just vegging in the house … the pig was strolling around the household. He seemed to be a bit more nervous than the raccoon about the police officers’ presence.”

Police seized between 1,100 and 1,200 marijuana plants and arrested the owners of the property, a man and a woman who Corp. Moskaluk described as being in their late 40s. RCMP have recommended they be charged with cultivating and possessing marijuana.(SOURCE)

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Police stated that they found no evidence that bears were being fed marijuana.

Grand Forks Mayor Brian Taylor said a woman named Kate lives on the property and has been feeding all kind of animals who pass through for the past 20 years.

“Basically, her home is their home,” he said. “The rumours are that (the bears) come in and lounge on her couch and watch TV and they’re part of the family.”(SOURCE)

Grand Forks Mayor Brian Taylo

Grand Forks Mayor Brian Taylor

Unfortunetly for the Bears, they may have to be put down if they are found to be too dependent and comfortable around humans.

Dave Webster, a local conservation officer, said staff are going to give the bears the chance to move on and find a natural food source. Conservation officers are hopeful the bears won’t find their way to other residences,because if they do, then they will have to be destroyed.

Dozens of bears are killed every year in B.C. because they rely on human food sources and then become a threat to public safety.

The Ministry of  Environment informs the public on the policy against feeding wild bears by publicizing this motto: A fed bear is a dead bear, and one man’s garbage is another bear’s breakfast.(SOURCE)

The Mounties pose with the Black Bears found guarding illegal pot farm...

The Mounties pose with the Black Bears found guarding illegal pot farm...

Personally, I hope that is not the case…don’t feed the bears, and do not get them high!!!

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  1. Shouldnt the bears get arrested for smoking pot?

  2. …’.High-bear-nation’…literally!

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