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Nadja Benaissa,28,Exotically Beautiful HIV Positive German Pop Star On-Trial For Having Unprotected Sex With Multiple Sex Partners!!!…Man Catches It From Her!

Nadja Benaissa,28, of German band ‘No Angels’, is suspected of having unprotected sex with three men without informing them to the fact that she is HIV-positive. She was arrested in April 2009 in Frankfurt, Germany right before she was to hit the stage and give a solo concert for  many of her adoring fans gathered at a concert venue there.

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Nadja spent 10 days in custody before being released. In February of this year ,she was charged with causing bodily harm and attempting to cause bodily harm. If convicted Benaissa faces between six months and 10 years in prison.(SOURCE)

A verdict is due in on August 26.

Since having unprotected sex without some sort of warning to her partners, one of the men has been diagnosed with H.I.V., which he is attributing to his unprotected sexual tryst with the beautiful singer Nadja Benaissa. This man, who has not been named, is due to appear as a plaintiff in the trial.(CNN)

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This is why you must always wear a condom as well as any other form of protection from this dreaded sexual disease.Better safe than sorry, and it does not matter how cute or attractive the person is, nor how much money they may have.

The man who claims Benaissa infected him says they had a three-month relationship at the beginning of 2004, and that he got tested after Benaissa’s aunt asked him in 2007 whether he was aware that the singer was HIV-positive.(HuffPo)

Nadja this not a face to die for!?!?

Nadja this not a face to die for!?!?

He was not…

“I am sorry from the bottom of my heart…”the 28-year-old Nadja Benaissa told the court in Darmstadt near Frankfurt, dressed in a purple shirt, jeans and with her hair tied back. She denied ,however, intending to infect anyone with the virus that causes AIDS.

In her statement, Benaissa told the court she became addicted to crack cocaine at 14 and that during her pregnancy at 16, she found out that she was HIV positive.(SOURCE)

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Benaissa is charge with having  had sex on five occasions between 2000 and 2004 with three people and did not tell them she was infected, even though she had known since 1999.

The sexy Nadja Benaissa....H.I.V. positive and really hot looking!

The sexy Nadja Benaissa....H.I.V. positive and really hot looking!

Before her arrest the fact that Benaissa, who is half Moroccan, was HIV positive was not publicly known.

Her group No Angels became one of the most successful girl groups in all of Germany. No Angels sold five million records after winning a talent contest on German television a decade ago.
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Nadja Benaissa stated that she had hid her illness from everyone for fear it would mainly damage her daughters future and her own career, as well as hurt the career’s of her fellow band mates.(SOURCE)
Wrap it up people…before we have to wrap you up!!!

The beautiful and deadly Nadja Benaissa...admits to unwittingly spreading H.I.V to her lovers

The beautiful and deadly Nadja Benaissa...admits to unwittingly spreading H.I.V to her lovers

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4 Responses to “Nadja Benaissa,28,Exotically Beautiful HIV Positive German Pop Star On-Trial For Having Unprotected Sex With Multiple Sex Partners!!!…Man Catches It From Her!”

  1. There are a lot of people who experience adversity everyday, to impart ones own misfortune on to others is a heinious course of action. But then again one could always rebuke perhaps those potentially contaminated by the young woman should have been more careful and taken more precautions no matter the mood at the time, because as they can boldly see right now, sometimes the consequences are too severe to reverse time and that of a disturbed girl’s point of view…

    assuming she indeed did willingly conceal her condition at the time.

  2. Her defense attorney if he is any good will get a not guilty verdict on the allegation of whether or not SHE was the one who actually infected that man. VERY difficult to prove.

    The science backs the fact that it is a lot more difficult for a man to get HIV from a woman when not exposed to blood, and under normal vaginal hertero intercourse. I didn’t say impossible or “zero” risk but difficult barring that he had no open sores on his penis (herpes, etc, piercings).

    Three is a reason that in the US gay men only account for 3% of the population, but make up 97% of all HIV cases.

    There is no way unless this man can prove that he was negative before he slept with her, and that will be very difficult to prove unless perhaps he had at test right before they started dating–but even then still hard to prove beyond a reasonable doubt.

    A good defense attorney will beat that charge EASILY if the standard is beyond a reasonable doubt, which in Germany I don’t know if it is or not.

    I’m a man and I haven’t been a saint all my life, and I will tell you that it’s his fault too for not using protection. This Girl is being unfairly tried. He should have used protection, but I am sure her beauty and status influenced him not to do so.

    Did they do drugs together and use needles? Did he have anal sex with her? If so, the chances are much greater, if he DID get it from her, that he got it this way versus regular vaginal intercourse–minus certain elements being present. No one knows his past and you can bet he will lie about it.

    I would suspect he’s after money too.

    If I was her attorney I would get a not guilty verdict EASY if the standard was beyond a reasonable doubt.

    • come off it JS!! what a load of crap! Ofcourse a guy can get it from normal sexual intercourse. And they can also test if it was from her from the type of HIV strain it is.

      In the US its NOT true that 97% of the people with Aids are gay!! Where did you get your facts from?

      1 in 300 people living in the USA currently have HIV and this is the people who know about it. There are a lot of people spreading this disease completely unaware.

      I think she should be tried as guilty because she intentionally DIDNT tell her partners that she was infected. If she had no intention to hurt them, why didnt SHE insist on using a condom(what any NORMAL CONSCIOUS person would do if they knew they were infected.

      Well we ll see in a few days what the court decides.

  3. My topic is totally different from your question

    It is a very sad story about Nadja Benaissa she is not alone going through the pain and regret of being infected with HIV, she looks so beautiful and calm outside of her but within she is crying out for help and no one is there to help her, medical Doctors can not help to restore her back to her former life and it seems there is no hope of restoration.

    Here is my encouragement to her not to loose hope but rather to take a trip down to the country of Uganda in Africa. Uganda was one of the countries that had a higher HIV cases in the world according to WHO, but today many of the HIV cases drop (negative).

    The secret behide their healing is still working in Uganda. when all hope is gone there is only One Person who can restore back our hope in this life. find out the truth in Uganda.

    We all makes mistakes and most at times need someone to help us out of our mess, none of us is perfect is better to look forward in helping someone to find a way out of their pain and suffering or disgrace etc. than playing the blame game.

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