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Dr. Laura Sorry For Saying The N-Word…But The Boondocks Are Not!!!…

So I believe that this whole brouhaha over Dr. Laura Schlessinger’s callous use of the N-word on her radio program was fake, and set-up possibly by her in order to boost her ratings.(LISTEN)

A concerned looking Dr Laura Schlessinger

A concerned looking Dr Laura Schlessinger

I think that the caller is fake and that she was hired by Dr.Laura’s crew to make this staged call, so Dr. Laura could have the opportunity to clown the N.A.A.C.P. and anybody black over the age of 35, who may have suffered the ill effects of the traditional KKKlan usage of the term historically here in America.(Source)

She is old enough to realize that, so I don’t believe this whole charade.She is simply taking advantage of a common societal topic, that is always divided upon the generations.(SOURCE)

For the record, she is a Jewish and Italian person,both cultures which also have demeaning racial epitaphs for them,but have not been exploited by the good Dr.Laura, because she actually respects Jewish and Italian people, unlike her disdain and hatred for black people.

My thing about the N-word is that it will be cool to use casually and as a term of endearment the moment that all racial epitaphs are…and by that I mean K!K@,C&nt,J*P,Sp@!K,Pe$@W0OD,F@G*$t….etc.etc.etc…without any expectation of hurt feelings or societal ramifications.(Source)

…the singling out of the N-word by young America,to take away its so-called power, and not the rest of the racial epitaphs, is bigoted.(Source)

The Boondocks popularized the term "Nigga Moments"

The Boondocks popularized the term "Nigga Moments"

If ALL things are equal, then it’s all good…but if not,what’s up with that?

I will say that if we insist on an apology from Dr. Laura, then we must insist on one from the Boondocks, who uses the N-word as much as possible.(SOURCE)

I’m surprised that a lot of people are surprised to find out that Dr.Laura enjoys using the N-word behind your backs…what did you expect from this person?

[picapp align=”center” wrap=”false” link=”term=laura+schlessinger&iid=8527835″ src=”″ width=”380″ height=”171″ /]

..Some black folks think she got it right about the word…(SOURCE)

…What do you think?




2 Responses to “Dr. Laura Sorry For Saying The N-Word…But The Boondocks Are Not!!!…”

  1. Hey you should post a thread about this episode of Boondocks title “The S-Word”, it direct confronts the double standard surrounding this subject. Please watch it, it’s full episode

    • I posted the comment…and thanks for the link!I heard about this episode, but this was the first time I have seen it…

      It’s very funny,and totally ironic when you take into consideration the character of the creator and writer, personal experience with him has always led me to believe that
      he is afraid of black men in general, and is more like a wimpy Uncle Ruckus… but he exist in reality.
      I can’t take this dude seriously given that he is terrified to be around his people…and I do mean black people.
      Am I surprised that AMG has this spoint-of-view on this topic?
      Is AMG getting paid,broadcasted or financially gaining from any significant predominant black business or black entity, and does he have black people writing,drawing and predominantly animating his show that SONY owns and distributes at it’s pleasure?
      …Hell NO!
      Believe me people, the Uncle Ruckus character that AMG created is closer to his personal truth, moreso than his pro-black fictional stance….he definitely is not Huey.

      There is always a Judas among any group that will sell it out for money,and that’s what we have here from AMG.
      Believe me, he speaks for no one but himself, and has no authority,power or influence with black men,…but he is down with the white folks that own him at SONY,as well as the Asians who probably own the majority of SONY stock.
      It’s simple American business…buy a black man out and make him disrespect black leaders,children,stars,preachers,community at large,all for a low budget,late nit,low rated cartoon show!GTFOH!!!

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