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Skeletal Remains Positively Identified As The Missing Mitrice Richardson In Malibu Canyon…Sad Ending.

Breaking News-A family spokesperson for the Richardson family has confirmed to the media that the coroner has informed them that the remains of Mitrice Richardson have been identified in Malibu Canyon.(Fox)

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Sheriff Lee Baca officially announced it to the media in a press conference held at 9:40am Thursday morning.The father, who is no longer married to Mitrice’s father, had not been notified, until he heard the news with the press at Sherriff Baca’s press conference.

The authorities have offered grief counseling to the family, and he stated…’we are very disappointed to find her dead.There is no indication of a homicide, but there will be an investigation”…

Her skull and bones were found Monday near an abandoned marijuana grove in a rugged Santa Monica Mountains area near Malibu. The body was found in “incredible terrain, just incredible terrain,” sheriff’s spokesman Steve Whitmore said.

The rugged terrain where Matrice's remains were found.

The rugged terrain where Mitrice's remains were found.

The confirmation ends a nearly yearlong search for the 25-year-old Los Angeles area woman that spanned from the Malibu mountains to Las Vegas, where authorities recently said people reported spotting Richardson in various casinos.(SOURCE)

Richardson had vanished nearly a year ago, after she was arrested for being unable to pay an $89 dinner tab at a Malibu restaurant and subsequently released in the early morning hours while it was still dark.

The location at which the remains were found is about 30 miles from the sheriff’s station from which Richardson was released.(ABC)

Map of area where matrices went missing.

Map of area where Mitrice went missing.

How she got there in the attire she was wearing continues to be a mystery ,as well as how long she has been dead.

Both of Richardson’s parents have filed civil negligence lawsuits against authorities,Her father, Michael Richardson, said his daughter has bipolar disorder and was released far from home with no money, no purse, no cell phone and no car. The items were in her vehicle, which was impounded when she was taken into custody.(Source)

Matrice with her father Michael Richardson.

Mitrice with her father Michael Richardson.

The Sheriff’s Department has said Richardson appeared rational and deputies believed they had a legal obligation to release her in a timely manner.

In May, U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters asked the Justice Department to investigate whether Richardson’s civil rights were violated when she was released without a car, cell phone or purse.(SOURCE)

An anthropologist and odontologist,or dental expert, identified Matrice from her dental records.

Sherriff Baca stated at the press conference that although the Malibu officers did not violate any procedure in place, which is important, he also said that they also must understand that in a case-by-case basis, that they do have the ability to make a judgement call, and change a procedure, if it will help or assist a citizen.

Based on the outcome for Mitrice, I would have to agree with him.

Going by the book,has caused the death of Mitrice Richardson, and I hope that the department reviews how this case was handled, so that no other family has to go through the pain of losing a loved one, so unnecessarily, as in the case of Mitrice Richardson.

Rest in peace Mitrice, and just know that your family did everything possible to bring you home….

Mugshot and last photo alive of Matrice Richardson

Mugshot and last photo alive of Mitrice Richardson

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6 Responses to “Skeletal Remains Positively Identified As The Missing Mitrice Richardson In Malibu Canyon…Sad Ending.”

  1. I have been aware of this tragic situation since day. I figured they would find her as the area where she was basically let go is fairly populated. Now that they have found here remains and seeing where they found them, I think there is foul play. someone was aware of the area where she was dropped and knew that it was remote enough that her remains would not be found for a long time. I challenge anyone to look at the map and terrain and tell me she got to this area on her own. I have been in the canyons late at night and it is pitch black. I used to live in Carbon Canyon and there were nights when up on the trail, no moon, and you could not see you hand in front of your face. Someone picked her up and took advantage of her situation and killed her. There is just no was she could have gotten there by herself, no way!

  2. Sorry for the typos but I am very passionate and saddened about this tragedy.

  3. This saddens me deeply. I didn’t know Mitrice but I did work with her father and my heart goes out to him and his family. He always worked hard for his family and this is just heartbreaking!

  4. It’s a travesty the any protection department would let someone leave their supervision under those circumstances. Sure, you can wipe your hands clean by standing by the fact that she had every right to leave, but where were your protective morals and instints for this young black girl. This is a clear cut case of person, civil, religeous, and moral violations. I have to assume that whoever let her go under those circumstances relished the opportunity to misbehave … does anyone on that force have a violations against young women or girls?


  6. matrice just made bad decisions and died because she was in a desolate area. the police did their jobs. the family should just let it rest.

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