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Baby,1 Year Old,Slammed Into Dresser By Enraged Adult!!!…San Diego Man Arrested For Child Abuse.

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I hate to report on atrocities committed by adults onto toddlers,but unfortunately I must,since abuse to little children by adults is happening across our nation on a daily basis. it sickens me.

The only time I have been arrested was for allegedly assaulting someone, who will remain nameless here, for beating her infant child in the back,while she was attacking my room-mate, who was holding the baby, trying to protect her from this abuse.

Let’s just say that I ‘ejected’ this abuser from my premises, secured the baby, protecting her, as the baby was screaming in pain!

Ultimatley, I was arrested, but the police understood why I did it, and they allowed me to bail myself out of jail!!!…and eventually, with the assistance of the officers that arrived on the scene, the charges were dropped by the D.A.

I would do it again if I had to do it all over again!

Another sad case of manic child abuse out of San Diego,California hit the news wires on Friday, and the details of the abuse are disturbing.

Beautiful San Diego, California

Beautiful San Diego, California

Cory Devon Demery, 20, has been arrested for allegedly slamming his live-in girlfriend’s 20-month-old son into a dresser in a drunken rage in their City Heights apartment and pummeling a relative who tried to stop him. (SOURCE)

City Height’s is a community in the inner-city of San Diego, California.(SOURCE)

Cory Demery slammed the 1-year-old infant baby boy into a dresser twice while holding the infant by her feet!!! …imagine that!

Rady Children's Hospital

Rady Children's Hospital

The baby reportedly suffered  no serious injury, but was transported to Rady Children’s Hospital for treatment for bruises to his upper face and chest.(SOURCE)

Cory Demery had been drinking prior to the incident and possibly on PCP, was in a drunken rage when he slammed the baby into the dresser.

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He also fought with her brother who tried to stop the attack on his baby niece, the officers and medical staff that arrived to medically aide the child.The uncle was beaten up by Demery, who also chased him out of the house, and across the street.


The uncle received 17 stitches for facial lacerations, and the officer who was attacked, required no medical attention.

Cory Demery, it should be noted, is not the child’s father,just the current boyfriend of the child’s mother, who was celebrating her 24th birthday on Friday, the day the incident occurred.

Surprisingly, Demery lacerated himself by breaking out glass windows in the apartment.(SOURCE)

Demery, who is unemployed and had been drinking heavily for several days, has been booked into jail on suspicion of assault, battery and cruelty to a child.

His bail was set at $85,500.

I don’t care how hard it is to be unemployed,there is no excuse for attacking a defenseless infant, especially if you are spending the little money that you do have, to buy enough alcoholic drinks and drugs to get you inebriated to a point that you are out of control.

Baby Slammer...Cory 'the coward' Demery

Baby Slammer Cory Devon Demery being Handcuffed And Restrained By The Police

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  1. that was so rude! that person must be in the death row…

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