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Omar S.Thornton,34, Shot 9 Co-Workers Dead At Manchester,Connecticut Beer Distributor After He Refused To Resign…

Breaking News-A massacre has occurred this morning at a beer distributor in Manchester,Connecticut. Multiple deaths are being reported. At press time 9 people are confirmed to be dead.45- 70 people were in the facility, and ran out of the building when the gun fire started.(CNN)

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The police were called in at about 7:30 am, and when they arrived, they entered the building and found the suspect, shot dead.The police never fired their weapons.

It is being reported that  a warehouse driver who was asked to resign his job at a beer distributor,who has only been identified so far as “Omar Thornton’,34,vehemently refused, then opened fire Tuesday morning on his co-workers, a company executive said.(SOURCE)

Omar Thornton had been a disciplinary problem, and was to report to work with his union official from Teamsters Local 1035, to represent Omar in front of the company, so that his work related issues could be resolved.

When he arrived for the disciplinary hearing, he opened fire.

Police said the gunman Omar Thornton, and several other people,at least 9, were killed and others were wounded, one critically.(SOURCE)

A doctor at Hartford Hospital says the victims in their care have “multiple gunshot wounds.”

The company is a beer and ale distributor that has been in business for more than 60 years.

Families who are seeking information about workers at the building should call 860-645-5521. They are being directed to Manchester High School, as well.(SOURCE)

It appears that this is another sad case of a troubled worker going postal…My heart goes out to the families of all the victims.

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This is a breaking news story, and new information is coming in fast.

To follow this story, click on these links…

New York Times

L.A. Times

ABC News

26 Responses to “Omar S.Thornton,34, Shot 9 Co-Workers Dead At Manchester,Connecticut Beer Distributor After He Refused To Resign…”

  1. They are dragging people from his past to say he was racially abused. Liberals are already working to make it the victims fault that he shot them. To bad he shot himself. I would have liked to see the media cover this one up. Another bullshit racist whiner shooting innocent people,

    • That doesn’t make sense at all, but link us to that article so we all can see what the media spin is…
      I mean, I am black and a liberal by all accounts, but I don’t ever see a massacre of unarmed co-workers as an advancement for our race,cause, or agenda!..
      It actually will do it harm!
      If I see this racial spin you are speaking off,and I guarantee you I WILL LOOK FOR IT..I promise you my conservative friend, that I will write an article against that stance that Mr Hannity and Glen Beck will be proud of..and that is a promise!
      People..this is not a racial issue, so let’s stop with all of that!!!!PLEASE!!…innocent people have lost their lives by an armed crazed assassin.

      • Jerry, just look at the top story on . I am a liberal progressive but I am sick and tired of CRIMINAL blacks and CRIMINAL illegal Mexicans being painted as victims.

      • I am tired of ALL of it!I am HATING how RACE has interfered with this story.

        There is no justification for murder, and his non-sensical intent is irrelevant,I think the media, and now the public,are giving his stated reason for the shooting, and his issues at his job, way too much play.

        Amy Bishop,the Alabama science professor who killed her co-workers,who were all primarily black,had a similar story as Omar…

        Crazy people with access to guns do crazy things, for crazy reasons.
        Do not react or take seriously any reasoning by a crazy person.

        They are crazy….are you?

    • Okay Robert,i found one in the LA Times article : Joanne Hannah, who lives in the Enfield neighborhood where Thornton lived until about a month ago, said her daughter Kristi had dated Thornton for eight years. Thornton, who is black, had complained about being racially harassed at work. Thornton brought his complaints to his superiors, who did nothing about it, she said her daughter told her,0,5739143.story

      …thanks for pointing this out Robert,now I see where you are coming from.Truly crazy,no excuse at all for this massacre,period.

    • The amerikkkan way of killing people around the world, dropping bombs on them like some sadistic, demented, vicious, abhorrent monster; murdering and killing innocent babies, mothers, fathers, grand and great parents, got damn amerikkka. Is that what amerikkka does when it doesn’t get its way, whine!!! Is that what you call it? Amerikkka shows amerikkkans how to act when it does not get its way. Kill it anyway you can!!! To bad!!!

  2. This is a mental health and human relations issue. People just don’t open fire and kill others because of the pigmentation in their skin. You wren’ there so stop the hating and propaganda. Americans need to stop the hating and work towards solutions.

    • Thanks for the thoughtful words…i am with you.
      When a tragedy like this breaks, emotions run raw, so, I give everybody the benefit of the doubt that they mean well.

      I agree with you, i would prefer solutions rather than ramping up the racial discord over what appears to be a crazy persons rampage.Every race of people here in the US has done something like this,if you actually check it out.

    • …are we sure this is the right Omar Thornton?…I will give it a few hours, and if it is, I will add his photo to the article.
      Thanks for the link!

    • No that is the wrong omar thornton!!! take that off the page immediately.

      The guy is from idaho or somewhere. Its another one right beneath him with his hat turned backwards.

      • it’s just a comment, and a link.I believe it’s safe to leave ump the thread, as I never confirmed if it was the actual guy, and I did note my caution.
        That should cover me legally, and I stress to the readers of these comments,non of the comments are confirmed, and I do not take responsibility for the accuracy of the comments by my readers.
        I only edit threatening,profane, and off topic inappropriate comments.
        Thanks for the clarification!

  3. That cant be him so I wouldnt post it, that guy is from Dakota but the link I am poting below is an omar thornton from Hartford, Conneticut.

  4. We should mourn this tragety and pray for the souls of the people who have suffered. Sometimes I wonder if things are worst today than they were in 1930, but we just instantly hear about everything now. Remember the Saint Valentine Massacre. It took weeks for everyone to hear about that. Now it’s 5 min. anywhere in the world. So, I can only wonder if it’s worst now than then.

  5. Who cares!!! Get the hell over it… Some 9 dead, how many has amerikkka killed today over in Iraq and Afghanistan? How many babies and children has amerikkka murdered over there? Either all life matters or no life matters!!! But you amerikkkans only care about amerikkkans lives huh? Why haven’t you same whining, bleeding heart amerikkkans, demanded this evil system tell us what happened on 911? Amerikkka does not care… Amerikkkans do not care. When you define amerikkka, it equals, guns, death, pig cops shooting humans 50 plus times and more. It equals, amerikkka will take your jobs, money and houses, and there isn’t a damn thing you can do about it. It equals To Young to Kill, 15 Shocking Crimes, Weco, Serial Killers, Mass Murderers, Ruby Ridge, and when amerikkka does not get what it wants, amerikkka will murder a whole country to get it/take it… So why should we/them be any different? And lastly, what the hell do you expect to happen with all of the guns that is sold in this rotten place called amerikkka?

  6. Here is a link to a picture of Omar and his girlfriend…


    WORLD LEADERSHIP ORGANIZATION, WOLORG, as well as AMERICAN LEADERSHIP ORGANIZATION, AMERILORG are sad to hear about this massacre and tragedy. We send our condolences to the families of the victims. We don’t encourage any victim of racism to take the law into his or her hand. There are various organizations that can investigate and deal with it. This tragedy betrays the fact that racism is still rampart and corrosive in America and must be dealt with. People should not be discriminated against, taunted or bullied because they belong to different races or have different skin colors, accents or were born outside America. America is a nation of immigrants. The original owners of American land were Africans (known in history as the Olmecs) and Native Americans (who were of Chinese ancestry.) We advocate equal respect and opportunities for all Americans, regardless of their races. Mr. Omar Thornton made it clear in his phone call to 911 before he committed suicide that he was a victim of racism and besides he told his girlfriend (who was not African-American or black) about it too. Therefore, those who have denied it must know that they are not being honest and that alone is an evidence that Mr. Omar Thornton told the truth. If his complaint was taken seriously and resolved, perhaps this tragedy would have been averted. Okay, so he was caught on a video stealing beer. What was the worth of the beer he stole? Can it be compared to the $64 billion stolen by Mr. Bernie Madoff, a Jew? What about trillions stolen by Enron, WorldCom, Lehman Brothers and other corporate crooks from investors globally? Can Mr. Omar Thornton’s crime of theft of beer be compared to the crimes by Persians (known as Iranians today) that invaded and looted Egypt thousands of yrs ago? They killed off some of the native African Egyptians and are still occupying Egypt even as of today. (Egypt is an African country NOT Persian or Arabic!) Can his crime be compared to that of the Greeks (led by Alexander, the son of Philip 2 of Macedonia) who drove the Persians away and then occupied Egypt and installed Ptolemy’s family who ruled and exploited Egypt for 300 yrs? Can it be compared to the millions of African lives that you, the Caucasians, (especially from Spain, Portugal, Britain, Italy, France, Belgium, Netherland, Germany; including Arabs and Jews) stole from Africa for about 400 yrs? Can it be compared to all the mineral resources, oil, gold and diamond (Anglo-American Corporation, DeBeers and others) have stolen and still stealing from Africa? Saudi Arabia is an African land stolen by the Arabs. You have been occupying it and stealing the oil from there since the Saud family declared it was their personal property. Without Saudi Arabian (which is African) oil, can America exist today? Can Mr. Omar Thornton’s crime be compared to that of the Dutch who invaded and occupied South Africa and installed apartheid system that enabled them to enslave, exploit and murder millions of the native Africans? Can it be compared to your (that is, the Persians, Afghans and Moslems) invasion of India and the subsequent theft of the whole of India and its resources that made the native Indians who are Africans outcastes? There are more than 400,000,000 of them; the owners of India and they are Africans. You stole their land and made them outcastes!. What has United Nations that you control done about it? What has America (that champions human rights) done about this? Can the crime of Mr. Omar Thornton’s theft of beer be compared to your crimes in which you lynched millions of African-Americans for 400 yrs? The ancestors of Mr. Omar Thornton were uprooted from their native African villages and shipped to America where they worked to death in plantations, American factories and homes. They built America. You have never paid any reparations to them even though you paid Japanese-Americans for illegally imprisoning them during World War II. You pay Israel more than $4 billion yearly for nothing. What have you paid the African-Americans like Mr. Omar Thornton who you enslaved for 400 yrs? And now millions of them are jobless and getting $29 monthly from welfare, while one of your ex-presidents (who bombed Sudan without any provocation) has spent $3 million for his daughter’s wedding! You discriminate and taunt few of them (like Mr. Omar Thornton) who manage to get jobs until they go temporarily insane and start shooting you. Hmnmnm. And still you deny your racism and call him an animal? Your policemen shot Mr. Sean Bell, an innocent young man on his way to a party for his wedding in New York 50 times and it was justified! Hmnmnm. …America! When will your evil end? Your media, pick on and condemn Africa and Africans daily! Your crack addicted journalists and columnists write demeaning and racist trash about them, and yet you deny you are not racist? You created AIDS-HIV, Ebola, Swine flu, mad cow disease, (and others) and infected the whole world, especially Africans. Millions of Africans have died because of this. You use your HAARP weapon to create earthquakes, hurricanes and flood (remember Hurricane Katrina?) that have killed hundreds of thousands of people and destroyed billions of dollars in assets and yet you are not racist? Let us just leave 9/11 out, even though you knew who did it. They warned you before they did it and you caught three of their agents with evidence inside a van but let them leave the country and yet you keep blaming the Arabs. Hundreds of Africans died in 9/11! Shall we go on? Oh, Caucasians, your crimes against humanity and particularly your evils against Africans are so despicable, it is better not to bring them up because only God can forgive you! We call on people who engage in racist behaviors, taunting and bullying to learn a lesson from this tragedy and change. (Especially racist movie and TV shows producers, policemen, judges, doctors, politicians, insurance companies, corporate advertisements, banks, real estate agents, job agencies, restaurants, most of the Dutch who invaded South Africa and practiced apartheid, almost all Hindus, Jews, Chinese, Japanese and Hispanics; some Africans, African-Americans, magazines, newspapers, TV shows, authors, writers, bloggers, historians, research scientists, pollsters, journalists/columnists; PARTICULARLY ANDREA PEYSER OF NEW YORK POST, CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER, MICHAEL GOODWIN OF NEW YORK POST, BILL O’RILEY OF FNC, MICHELLE MALKIN, RICH LOWRY, LINDA STASI, RICHARD COHEN, RALPH PETERS and many others who poison Americans and the world with their inflammatory, hateful and racist articles. These rabid and racist journalists/columnists must share the blame for this tragedy and racism and its consequences in America) Furthermore, we call on victims of racism not to emulate Mr. Omar Thornton but to obtain evidence of racism and seek for the solution from the appropriate authorities and organizations. IKEY GALACTICCA, WOLORG-AMERILORG IN AMERICA

    • Wow!!That was a long comment, but I get the point…
      Don’t kill anybody for any reason,including if you feel you are a victim of racism.Keep it legal!..and civilized.
      Also,sometimes racial things can be misunderstood, so we should all lighten up.I like to to transform relationships, no matter how daunting it may seem.
      There is no possibility in murder, and it looks as if he may have needed anger management and/or some counseling.
      This tragedy is sad, and I can not condone this behavior for any reason.
      If it is not in self defense, as in someone trying to murder you or yours, then there is no justification for murder in any case.

  8. Hey Jerry Brice:
    Wow! You have great insight and very smart. We absolutely agree with you. That is what we’re also saying! Thank you for making it clearer! Hope everyone will get it.

  9. It reminds me of the perpetrator of Mark Anthony Bretz.

    • Are you referring to this incident:
      ...a disgruntled former employee had shot and killed five city maintenance workers at the beach, then turned the gun on himself. The killer, Clifton McCree, was black; his victims — Joe Belotto, Mark Bretz, Ken Brunjes, Tim Clifford, and Don Moon, Jr. — were white.

      • Yes, they are. The resemblance is remarkable and it is ironic!

      • I have not been able to locate a picture of Mark Anthony Bretz to be able to see the resemblance between the two, and the article states that he was one of the “white victims”, which is unfortunate.
        I will assume you mean the circumstances of his death is similar to the Omar case…which it is, rather than Mr. Bretz and Omar resemble each other in likeness.

        If they do, then that would be very interesting to say the least!

  10. To make it clear, Mark Anthony Bretz is the victim, is a white man and Bretz’s gunman is black. Bretz’s gunman’s and the Connecticut gunman’s motives are so similar.

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