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Maia Campbell,33, Bipolar And Addicted To Drugs,Caught On Tape Acting Unusal…Yet Again.

Former prime time sitcom star of the LLCool J series from the 90’s, “In The House”, Maia Campbell,33, has had a long hard bought with clinically diagnosed Bipolar disorder, which has at times caused her to act unusual, and apparently crazy at times in public.

Maia Campbell with the cast of 'In The House', in the 90's...

Maia Campbell with the cast of 'In The House', in the 90's...

Maia Campbell, is best known for her role as “Tiffany” on In the House and has also been in movies, as well as several other sitcoms.

Maia was last seen in a movie called Sorority Sister Slaughter” in 2007.

Sorority Sister Slaughter...starring Maia Campbell...

Sorority Sister Slaughter...starring Maia Campbell...

Unfortunetly for her, she has frequently been caught on tape by the people she surrounds herself with when she is at her worst, suffering from the effects of the mental disease.(SOURCE)

The latest manic episode by Maia has been caught on tape, and plastered all over the internet.

Many in the public confuse her symptoms and actions for drug abuse, namely crack cocaine abuse, and ,it has been reported that Maia does indeed have an ongoing drug problem that exacerbates her mental disorder.

What’s most disturbing about these videos is the fact that the people taking them, and possibly some viewing them, use it as a source of entertainment, glorifying in the affliction that has stifled not only this beautiful young ladies career,…but also her life.(SOURCE)

Calm and cute Maia Campbell

Calm and cute Maia Campbell

Why people (haters really…)are so cruel to people who once made a living as an entertainer is a mystery to me. I am sure some of these haters will write in to state their case, other than that, all I can say is that their own lives must be trifling if this entertains them at all.

For those of us that have a relative or loved one that suffers from this mental disorder, then you know it is absolutely not a laughing matter…at all. This young lady needs help, and possibly, some supervision. She is not in control of her mind.

Sexy modeling Maia Campbell

Sexy modeling Maia Campbell

Maia Campbell is the daughter of the great award-winning novelist, Bebe Moore Campbell (February 18, 1950 – November 27, 2006),who was the author of three New York Times bestsellers, ‘Brothers and Sisters’, ‘Singing in the Comeback Choir’, and ‘What You Owe Me’, which was also a Los Angeles Times “Best Book of 2001”.(WIKI)

Late author Bebe Moore Campbell is the mother of Maia Campbell.

Late author Bebe Moore Campbell is the mother of Maia Campbell.

Bebe Campbell, who died of brain cancer in 2006, wrote a novel about living with mental illness called ‘ Sometimes My Mommy Gets Angry‘, which was published in September 2003. This book won the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill (NAMI) Outstanding Literature Award for 2003.

The book tells the story of how a little girl copes with being reared by her mentally ill mother.(SOURCE)

It is ironic that Bebe Moore Campbell’s daughter is suffering from mental illness, but, it has been proven that mental illness runs in families.

Legendary author Bebe Moore Campbell

Legendary author Bebe Moore Campbell

Let’s hope that Maia can receive some effective help, and enter a program that can cleanse her of the illegal drugs, and get on some medication that can stabilize her mental health, so that she can get on and go back to her productive life,with her family, and real friends.

…and keep her away from idiots with cell phone cameras and YouTube accounts…

Maia Campbell suffering from Bipolar disorder.

Maia Campbell suffering from Bipolar disorder

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12 Responses to “Maia Campbell,33, Bipolar And Addicted To Drugs,Caught On Tape Acting Unusal…Yet Again.”

  1. Maia is a very talented and beautiful girl and my heart goes out to her. People need more understanding of mental illness and to know that it is not a laughing matter. These idiots on the video are just as sick as she is. I pray that god will intervene and that she will get the help she needs, whatever it may be….

  2. m going to pray for her

  3. God bless her soul. Mental illness is not a joke.

  4. She will always be in my prayer s. I just lost a very good friend May 2011 with the same mental disorder and it really isn’t a joke it could surely kill you too!!

  5. GOD bless her. Hope she finds her self B4 is 2 late..


  7. I just recently learned about Maia and it broke my heart. I hope and pray that she gets the help and love she deserves she is a beautiful person and those out there that are finding comfort in her pain, I hope they know that what goes around comes around, dumb ass black unintelligent people. PRAYER changes things and Maia you are on mines since I found out.

  8. I think the public is wrong for talking about her instead of helping……..its not funny its sad…….mii heart n prayers go out to her…….u never no wat a person is going through……all these videos n pics is nonsense…..sense when is a persons life becoming a down fall entertainment

  9. it is now 2012 and I am just finding out that BeBe Campbell died…just finding out who her daughter is and what has been going on with her…I found out all this while being on Facebook. I am deeply saddened by all these events and wish nothing more for Maia to get better and continue greater sucess. All things are a test and trial of GOD faith she made it through the drugs but continue to battle the disease…Maia keep focused no that you even as you have gone through GOD has always had your back and placed and angel there (your mom) to keep you safe. I enjoyed you on the show…praying that the things you are working on getting accomplished will prevail for the good….the devil is a liar…he comes to rob..steal..kill and destroy..but you have the victory in Jesus.

    • I agree. The devil is a liar, and we must pray for those in a situation like this. It is so sad when we find humor in other people’s shortcomings. Maia Campbell is a beautiful woman and I hope she gets the medical attention that her mind needs.

  10. God bless her and I will keep her in my prayers. Mental ills as many have said is no joke. My heart truly goes our to her

  11. That’s the glitz& grime of being up one moment & being kicked while down the next, the only difference is she was once a star. Ya’ll glamorize these diseases in movies so no surprise here. I pray she & all the others who suffer get the help they need.

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