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Incredibly Lucky Bouncing Baby 3 Year-Old Boy Survives Fall From 3 Story Building In Turkey!!!(Raw Video)

Security cameras in Adiyaman City, Southeast Turkey, captured 3 year-old Bayram Altinkaya ,falling from a three-story balcony on to a pile of plastic pipes stacked below.(VIDEO)

Bayram’s mother said he was …”hanging from the balcony of his house when his hands slipped and he fell”… as she had briefly stepped into the house, so little Bayram was only momentarily left unattended to hang from the third floor balcony.

Tugba Altinkaya said her son “used to always hang from the balcony but I was always supervising him, so I never thought he would ever fall.”(SOURCE)

…Is she crazy!?!?…I don’t care if she makes her living as a high wire trapeze daredevil, there is absolutely no reason for her to ever allow her 3 year-old child to ‘hang’ from her three-story balcony!

This accident is the end result of her bad parenting decision.

The boy,Bayram Altinkaya, has been admitted to a local hospital,the Adiyaman State Hospital Child Care where his condition is stable and he is expected to be released in a few days.

The authorities need to investigate this mother,because it appears to be a case of child endangerment or something close to that…

 Bayram Altinkaya 3, survived fall from a three story building!!!

Bayram Altinkaya 3, survived fall from a three-story building!!!

Let me know what you think.

5 Responses to “Incredibly Lucky Bouncing Baby 3 Year-Old Boy Survives Fall From 3 Story Building In Turkey!!!(Raw Video)”

  1. yep thats safe….when my boy turns 3 i will also let him do that too!! and im gonna give him a loaded gun to play with, and maybe a lighter and a jerry can of fuel…

    • …what’s a “jerry can of fuel”..?
      I never heard that expression before,I am sure it has to mean something funny, or it’s a dig at me since my name is jerry, or something else?
      Who knows, but let us in on it, so we can have the appropriate reaction.

      • A “jerry can” is a 5gal cannister used primarily to transport extra fuel for military or recreational vehicles typically traversing difficult terrain far from refueling facilities. They are relatively easy to handle (flexible spout stored under wide mouthed lid inside cannister) and can be conveniently secured to the side of such vehicles (classicly, the jeep, but, more recently, the hummer).

      • Thanks!…Now I get it!
        I will add that to my vernacular…and do something humorous with it!lol…

  2. That woman is a f@#ken idiot, she does not deserve that gorgeous child i hope she does lose him and i hope he goes to a more responsible family.

    Leaving your child to hang off a balcony, what a freaking moron!

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