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Alligator Feeding Frenzy Video…A Rare Look At These Co-ordinated Reptillian Killers Taking The Nation By Storm!!!!(VIDEO)

If you were ever curious about a humans chances of survival in a river full of 100’s of hungry rampaging alligators, well, here’s a video you must see!

A Georgia fisherman,Ray Cason, caught hundreds of gators on video during a feeding frenzy. Experts say these frenzies are rarely seen by humans.

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Ray Cason told the Clinch County News that he saw hundreds of alligators gathered in a canal in Stephen C. Foster State Park in the Okefenokee Swamp. He captured the rare moment with his digital camera and posted the video to YouTube.(SOURCE)

The video has been a big hit on the internet, attracting hundreds of thousands of views from the curious public.

A.I. “Len” Robbins’  said Cason was offered money for the video by national media but refused the offers. Instead, he gave the video to Robbins to help promote Fargo and the Okefenokee swamp. Nearly 200,000 viewers worldwide have visited the Clinch County News website since Robbins first posted a startling video on July 11 showing dozens of alligators in a what can only be described as a feeding frenzy.(SOURCE)

Georgia state wildlife biologist Greg Nelms agreed, telling CNN, “I’ve never seen footage like that before.” Such “cooperative feeding” by alligators—a true feeding frenzy is more chaotic—is seen every three or four years in the area, Nelms added.(SOURCE)

What this video is doing, is exposing to the world, the very predatory nature of the American alligator, and it is fascinating to see!!!

This will definitely make some of us think twice about taking that swim in a river…or at the very least Okefenokee Swamp…

I also think that these brave men should be a bit further from the water…it looks like the alligators could flip over that little boat if they wanted to.

Be careful gentleman,and congratulations on the success of this rare video!!!…we know they like to eat golfers, so they might like fisherman as well!!!

Alligator feeding frenzy!!!

Alligator feeding frenzy!!!

For more information on this wild story….

Nat Geo

Atlanta Journal Constitution


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