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The Body of Missing Former N.B.A. Star Lorenzen Wright Found Dead Today In Wooded Area Of Southeast Memphis,Tenn…

Breaking News-There are unconfirmed reports that the body of missing former 13 year N.B.A star Lorenzen Wright has been found today in a wooded area in southeast Memphis,Tennessee.(ESPN)

He appears to be a homicide, as he was shot several time in his body,killing him. Someone murdered him, and the investigation is ongoing.(Click Here For The latest Update)

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The victim’s uncle¬†Curtis Wright,reported the sad news to the media.

Wright had been missing since July 19, 2010, and some of his family suspected he was on a European vacation, but recently some friends and family worried that fouled play may have been the cause of Lorenzen’s unexplained absence.(AJC)

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Wright flew from Atlanta to Memphis to visit friends and his six children and had been set to drive back to Atlanta on the day he vanished, last being seen leaving the home of his ex-wife.(HuffPo)

Wright’s 13 NBA seasons included five with the Memphis Grizzlies in the town where he was a collegiate star.It was reported that he desired to continue his career, possibly overseas.(SOURCE)

Lorenzen obviously was familiar with several people in the Memphis community, where his basketball career was a legend to be proud of, and possibly envied by some who may have been personally familiar with him…it’s just a sad case whatever may have happened…

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If you know anything about what happened to Lorenzen Wright , call Collierville police at 901-853-3207.

Lorenzen Wright's body found today in Memphis,Tennesse...

Lorenzen Wright's body found today in Memphis,Tennessee...

For more on the life and career of Lorenzen Wright,click on this link….(Wiki)

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