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Michael Vick Beats His Latest Brush With The Law…Apologizes To The Press…And Enters Training Camp!

Michael Vick has just entered training camp this week,in preparation for the Philadelphia Eagle’s 2010 N.F.L. football season, after narrowly escaping punishment, and expulsion due to conduct from the league, following a stabbing that occurred at his 30th birthday party, 3 minutes after he had left the building.

NFL spokesman Greg Aiello said, “there is no change in his playing status.”The NFL has completed its investigation into the shooting at Michael Vick’s birthday party last month in Virginia Beach and he has been cleared to play.(SOURCE)

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Michael Vick appeared at Eagles training camp Monday in Lehigh, Pa., where he graciously answered questions from reporters for the first time since the shooting. Vick acknowledged that he knows he is ‘on thin ice’, and that one more slip up could end his career in the N.F.L.(SOURCE)

Surprisingly, the stabbing was done by Quanis Phillips – a co-defendant in the federal dogfighting case that landed Vick in federal prison. Phillips, who Woodward said was not invited to the party and did not interact with Vick while there, was treated at a hospital and released the following day.

It was rumored that Phillips, who was a co-owner with Vick in the ‘Bad Newz Kennels‘tried to gain access into the party,when some sort of altercation occurred. This is important because Vick, as a condition of his release, is not to ‘associate’ with his fellow convicted felons, and he is supposed to not associate himself with his former partners.(SOURCE)

I know there is a time limit on this ban to associate, but I think that Michael Vick should totally disassociate himself with his criminal friends,because trouble obviously follows them.

I have also noticed that many of Michael Vick’s inner-circle have absolutely no problem implicating him in a crime, and they all talk too much to law enforcement when any trouble arises.(Rhymes With Snitch!)

...with friend's like these..who need enemies.

Quanis Phillips...Michael Vick's 'friend'...testified against Vick in the Federal Dog fighting case.

The victim Quanis Phillips had testified against Michael Vick in the federal dog fighting case!…and had the nerve to show up!

I am pretty sure Mike and his brother probably thought that he was there to do some final damage, and as it turned out, he almost did….

If you ask me Mr. Vick, with friends like that, …you would be better off without any of them.

Hopefully, he has learned how tenuous his situation is, and just concentrate on playing football, taking care of his wife and children, and redeem yourself in the eyes of the public, and his legions of fans that follow and support his career.

Do that in honor of the dogs you killed, and support the effort to stop illegal dog fighting.

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…..there are no THIRD chances.

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