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Pilot Captain Brian Bews,Ejects As Jet Crashes…Defies Death!!!(Raw Video)

Something catastrophic went wrong with the CF-18 that Captain Brian Bews was piloting, during a demonstration at an air show in Alberta,Canada called the  2010 Alberta International Airshow, which took place this weekend.(Source)

The Canadian air force jet crashed and exploded in a ball of flames during a training run for a weekend international air show in Alberta, but luckily, the pilot was able to eject from the plummeting plane before it hit the runway.

Doesn’t it seem like a lot of bad crashes happen at air shows?

I’m glad this pilot survived, it is a testament to his training for these situations.

Captain Holly Brown said pilots like Captain Bews, who is stationed in Quebec, go through rigorous training…”Obviously, he knew there was a problem and he successfully ejected from the aircraft and he survived,”…”He’s alive and it’s very good news.”(Source)

Here is an image from a similar,horrific jet crash at an air show, where there were fatalities…

It could have been worst, as seen in this photo.

Horrific Jet Crash With Fatalities...The Pilot Ditched The jet In The Crowd...

The Calgary Herald published the first words from Captain Brian Bews…

…”Capt. Brian Bews of CFB Cold Lake suffered compression fractures in three vertebrae after ejecting from the jet during a training run for the Alberta International Airshow at the Lethbridge County Airport.

“I feel extremely lucky considering the magnitude of the accident; Martin Baker is my new best friend!” said Bews, referring to the brand name of the ejection seat.

“I will be concentrating on rest for the next while, but will make a complete recovery. I would like to thank the Canadian Forces SkyHawks and the other first responders for their quick reaction to the accident, as well as the staff at the Lethbridge hospital who have taken such great care of me…

“I would also like to thank my family, friends, my demo team and my air show family for their amazing support since the accident.(SOURCE)

Martin-Baker Ejection seats is based in Denham, Buckinghamshire, in the U.K. Their craftsmanship literally saved an invaluable life this weekend!

Captain Brian Bews Ejects Moments Before Certain Death!!!

Captain Brian Bews Ejects Moments Before Certain Death!!!

The investigation into the jet crash is still ongoing.


Huffington Post

CBC News


8 Responses to “Pilot Captain Brian Bews,Ejects As Jet Crashes…Defies Death!!!(Raw Video)”

  1. I am sure you will get a 1000 reasons for the crash. I am gratefull the pilot lived for another day. Being a military pilot myself and watching the film strip, it seemed the 18 stalled and the pilot had no altitude to recover thus the ejection.
    Question is why did the craft stall. Answer lack of airspeed.
    Now why did the speed disapate? Either pilot or mechanical.
    Hope if was the latter.
    Bob Lassiter

  2. Early preliminary news out of Canada says it might be a compressor failure in one of the engines. Stay tuned!!!!

  3. The picture posted is not even close to what really happened.

    The pilot is doing better and is going to be up flying very soon again 🙂

    If your going to post pictures. or write a news letter about something get it right

    • First of all mr or Mrs unknown, i am glad the pilot is doing better.

      Other than that,if i can not purchase a photo of the incident, or get the liscence to use it, then it is a common practice to use a photo that is relevant to what happened, and my photo
      is not labeled as a photo of this event, but of a plane crash at an airshow, and is labeled as such.
      The story is accurate, so i invite you to read it, as that might help you comment accurately, if you so choose to comment at all.
      So, take your own advice, and if you are going to comment,…please feel free to get it right,and try to inform yourself of copyright laws, and how illustrations or photos are used in news stories.
      Thank you.

    • I guess you missed this sentence…

      Here is an image from a similar,horrific jet crash at an air show, where there were fatalities…

      notice the words “similar, horrific jet crash at an air show”…

      If you are going to critique,then you need to read the articles.

      • This is an old article, so the last picture is from the actual crash,and i was allowed to run it, with the blessings of the mews service that distributed it,
        ..i fail to understand your complaint, but, whatever.
        I am glad Captain Bews is doing fine.

  4. The AP must have lost a license to use the footage, so I changed the video on this article.

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