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Taliban: 1 U.S. Sailor Dead, Other Captured(VIDEO)

One of two American service members who were abducted in Afghanistan on Friday has been killed, provincial government officials said Sunday.

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A Taliban spokesman tells The AP that two missing Americans, including one who was killed, “are in the hands of the Taliban.’

American and Nato officers have confirmed that two Navy personnel went missing in the eastern province of Logar, Afghanistan, after an armoured 4×4 was seen driving into a Taliban-held area.

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Taliban sent a message through intermediaries offering to hand over the body in exchange for jailed insurgents.(SOURCE)

Taliban leaders say one of the men was shot dead during an ambush and the other is being held captive. But local tribal elders say they have credible evidence that both of the sailors are still alive.

It is unclear why the sailors were travelling in the volatile district without armed escorts.(SOURCE)

I hope they are still alive, and return home safely to their families.

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For more information on this developing story….

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